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  • Daniel Daniel Apr 20, 2009 10:36 AM Flag

    Commish won't replace inactives...need a team to manage!

    The commissioner in this league will not replace three inactive teams. The league is:

    BASEBALLPALOOZA13 (ID# 258135)

    Three of the managers have not played since March 26 and 27. The commish threatened the league with dropping teams that are inactive. I brought to his attention the fact that he had three teams under his nose that were not playing and he was bothered by it. He wanted to wait to replaced teams that have been inactive now for a month. I quit his league and told him to replace me. Now he has 4 out of 8 teams that are inactive. I will not play in a league that has that type of commissioner at the helm.

    What do you think about that? If you have a team that needs to be replaced, I will be the replacement manager. I want to play in a serious league with an active commissioner. Respond to this post with the roster of the team and I will respond if interested. I prefer to play in an 8-team league H2H. Thank you for reading this post.

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    • You aren't very smart....that information pertains to what tools Yahoo! gives a league commissioner when running a league.

      You are absolutely right that Yahoo! does not give you an option to replace a manager in commissioner's tools...duh! That's what that link is saying. Think about the damage that a commissioner could do by just clicking buttons and changing teams...Y! does not give commissioners that power.

      With that said, I have, as well as other users who have also claimed to replace managers as league commissioner, have indeed replaced dormant managers with the help of Yahoo! (usually some guy named Preston). I won't give you the instructions as other users have already told you how to do it because you are too **** ignorant and preoccupied with being right.

      You just want to be right and you are WRONG. You appear SILLY and IMMATURE and you have a big MOUTH. Quit trying to be the boss of the 'boards when you dont know *** about ****..

    • Who cares about it!

      by the way, dodgers are best in majors!!!! hahaha

    • who gives a fuck

    • so you were right because chino said so ?

      I was wrong because i posted up to date yahoo links ? the very links they put on here to show other the rules of leagues ?

      haha oh man thats good

    • that link happens to be yahoo rules and help links ..

      why would yahoo specifically put they WILL NOT REPLACE DORMANT teams but then do it for you ?

      come on thats just too funny

    • Ok Chino, nobody will play on yahoo if they do not take care of inactive teams. They need to. OK tghvy or whatever your name is...sounds like we were right...Chino, I would really want to play in an 8 team league. my email is jdcarb98@yahoo.com. Send me the roster so I can at least take a peek. Thanks...

    • yes dodge, i replaced 2 teams in my league this year in my current baseball league. i don't know about that link but i got yahoo's approval on the request that i made.

    • That was a great link...Looks like yahoo doesn't do that anymore. It must be a policy that is in place starting this year. I did replace 8 teams in a 16 team league last year as commissioner. It was very possible last year to reassign managers. Oh well. Looks like it can't be done anymore...Chino, have you replaced any other managers this year? Maybe this policy was in place last year and yahoo never enforced it.

    • You go through the "Help" link and go to the "Contact Us" link. For the "Reason", put "Other". You fill out the form giving your league information and your yahoo id. State that you want to replace an inactive team by giving the new manager's yahoo id and the team that you want him to control. It usually takes 24-48 for the change to take effect. I have done this so many times.

    • convinced >? these are yahoo links where they say theWILL NOT DO IT your lying


      The commissioner cannot reassign dormant teams to a new user. However, if a manager in your league has stopped playing, you may control their team using the commissioner tools described above.

      it specifally says it will not REPLACE DORMANT TEAMS

      that clown tried saying he replaced half a league .. you trying to say you did too //

      come on yahoo has clearly stated after the draft YOU CAN NOT REPLACE TEAMS YOU GUYS ARE LYING

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