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  • AngelGirl AngelGirl Apr 19, 2009 10:59 PM Flag

    i need help..i am being harassed by a perverted commish

    hey everyone.. i was wondering if i could get some advice. I am a female manager of a baseball league that is being run by a horrible person who's yahoo id name is "Nobody". He from day one after the draft was emailing me demanding i send him naked pictures of myself or he will lock me out of my team. i resisted and finally made it public to the league. After i did not only did he lock me out but he started changing rules to benefit himself and he has locked out every manager who stood up to him leaving 60% of the league on lockdown.i want to contact yahoo and let them know but one of the managers locked out says yahoo doesnt give a crap...does anyone have any advice on what to do about this pervert and cheater?

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    • Contact yahoo! they will help you.

    • find a pic off of some type porn site n send him that pretending its u just make sure she resembles u some how

    • Hi there,
      Tell Yahoo again. If he keeps harrasssing you save the messages and send them to yahoo as well. Also there may be criminal complaints that you can use as well.

    • Delete your account and create a new one without any pics.

    • lol!!!! ok, sorry 4 the laugh, but u gotta admit its kinda funny, well....if i where you it will all depends were do you want to take this.......we both know you can juist go to another leage ( cause there are thousands ) and just 4get abt that one and move one with the joy and the happines of playing fantasy mlb.... so my advice, just let it go and play in anotjer.... BUT.... you can also go for the $ and sue yahoo or the dude for " emotional" distress and sexual herrssment, ect, ect.... and there the cards change cause then you will have to act like the " victim".... so.... its pretty much after you on what u want 2 do, as for the dude, just let him b.... change your e=mail.... live a new life. what ever/// ^_^

    • Angelgirl...this is terrible treatment and I'm sorry you're going through it! I would inform the abuse team at Yahoo - I believe the address is abuse@yahoo.com.

      We can offer you a different league. Our league is majority women, and one of the members is my daughter. If you wish, I can bring you to the attention of our commissioner. Please feel free to contact me in email any time.


    • The guy clearly is an asshole, nothing to be done about that... His sexual harassment combined with his commissioner reactions belies some power and authority issues... He gets to be a big intimidating tough guy online and you’re reacting to his bullshit helps scratch his power itch in some small part, he’s gotten to you by making you feel vulnerable and violated... He and his league are not really worth the emotional expenditure, I suggest you and the other league members simply walk away, let him rule an empty league by himself.

    • I'm not sure what can legally be done, but as far as Fantasy Baseball is concerned, I'd quit that league and join a public league. People can't cheat (except for collusion). I've always had fun in the Public Leagues.

      I'm sorry that some ignorant jerk is ruining what is otherwise an exciting experience.

    • This sucks, but all you can do is walk away. I noticed a few other losers found this funny. If it doesn't gross you out TOO much you could send him some "granny porn" or something else as a last laugh.

    • This fantasy stuff is for fun. If its not fun then you need to reavaluate if its worth the hassle of dealing with a jerk. You can report abuse to Yahoo and formalize a complaint

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