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  • Big Pappi Big Pappi Apr 8, 2009 11:36 AM Flag


    I'm in the same bullshit in one of my league, this commish did the same thing. He adjusted the draft rotation right before the draft began and then stole everyones players and locked everyone out so no one can make any adjustments, etc..

    I agree, this is bullshit and he's a piece of shit. your guy is probably this guy as well.. lol

    here's his home page


    I wrote to yahoo and there's nothing they can do or will do.. so this league is done. no wonder he has some baseball trophys, this is how he gets them...

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    • That's pretty sad that he created three teams in one league. It's also sad how many people like him publish custom leagues just so they can cheat unsuspecting people. It's sad how low self esteem some have that they have to cheat to win a virtual trophy. This is the chief reason I stick to playing in leagues with people I know or who at least know someone that I know.

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      • amen to that. im now in 5 leagues. the first 2 i joined were with friends and for money. the third was a random public league...little did i know some cheater had 5 teams in the league...and hes trading all the good players to his team...and oh we cant veto it either. im gonna see if its even possible to beat him or delete my team.

        the other 2 leagues im in are a mix of friends and random public people but thats beside the point. my 3rd baseball league this year was my first ever public league.....I now realize why i have only done private leagues with friends in the past.


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