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  • william william Apr 1, 2009 9:46 PM Flag

    bad commisioner changing rosters

    we have a commisioner who is on his on changing rosters and deleting complaints. i would like to leave the league and file some kind of complaint. How do you do this

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    • The following is what it says from the Help site...

      What can be done about a cheating commissioner?
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      Since all custom league matters must be addressed to the commissioner, we recommend that you attempt to contact your commissioner via email or your league's message board to resolve any disputes. Yahoo! Sports will not act as a go-between with commissioners and managers in any way.

      We also cannot remove teams from private leagues after the draft has been completed or act as intermediary between coach and commissioner. You are not obligated to visit the team or league pages if you no longer wish to participate in your private league.

      While we cannot interfere with private leagues, we invite you to join one of our public leagues in the future. In a public league, you will be matched against other players from across the globe that will be randomly assigned to your league. There are no commissioners in public leagues.

    • You're welcome to join my league! League ID: 275578 Password: mob. I'm a fair and just commissioner and need more players!

    • There is really no way of leaving the league once t e draft has taken place. If he is cheating I'd just dump my whole roster and call it a season!

    • Go to your league home page. In the upper right hand corner just above where it says Fantasy it says "help". Click on this. This will bring up a Yahoo help screen. In the top center of this screen it says "contact us". Click on this and type in your league information with an explanation of what is happening. Yahoo will look into it and get back with you.


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