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  • Steve-Spindodger-Boys of Som Steve-Spindodger-Boys of Som Mar 14, 2009 7:24 PM Flag

    authentic keeper 6x6 roto league...

    this is the authentic ownership league you want! no fees, just competitiveness and banter......we got it all!
    ....we're looking for true active baseball-savvy owners.
    Full 25 man roster - this format will offer more trade and strategy possibilities since it now includes all types of players like middle relievers and line-drive hitters with high average - not just big K-starters/closers or power hitters, although they are still very valuable obviously.
    This will be your team from year to year to year. We will do the Yahoo auto draft to start, then go with the yahoo waiver list from then on. In future we can perhaps add a 3 round prospect draft and add non-counting prospect positions to each team...to be discussed.
    Roster counters: c, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, 3-o.f. and DH
    Pitchers: 4-starters, 2-closers, 3 more pitchers,
    2-DL, rest are bench. Only offensive numbers count.
    If interested, please email me: spindodger@yahoo.com
    League name: irrational League - i.d.# 181144


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