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  • WestSide Irish WestSide Irish Mar 11, 2009 1:08 AM Flag


    Roto is better - H2H can be manipulated by drafting a powerhouse offense and closers and streaming new starters every day to take wins, saves and KO every week. 3 sure points with the offensive advantage of a team that didn't draft a single SP. I also prefer the full season to determine the championship and not where a bad week can ruin a good season.

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    • as a dedicated fantasy manager (maybe too dedicated.. checking 3-4 times a day), i prefer h2h because in roto it's waaaay too easy to just draft a team, let it sit, and finish top 3. i like some competition and to win, but in the public roto leagues being active doesn't always equate success, whereas being active in h2h means you have a better chance of winning. also, in h2h, if you draft a bad team or lose key guys to injuries, you can still win games week to week and not having your studs doesn't always hurt you... in roto you need those key guys to have productive entire seasons.

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      • You would have to draft a very good team and avoid injuries to just let it sit all year and finish top 3. Even if you were successful at that endeavor - isn't that sort of the point?

        I would actually have to give someone props if they could beat me doing that.

        What you call 'being active' and still competitive after drafting a s#!% team and suffering injury is exactly what us critics hate about your inferior format.

        Sheer numbers will beat quality and strategy. Your staff of 4 aces and a couple young flamethowers stands no chance against my army of 28 streamed SP's.

      • thanks Muddy Waters for the opinion, thats exactly what I think too

    • thanks Don for your opinion


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