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  • brlebu brlebu Mar 4, 2009 11:19 AM Flag


    Just a warning to you all to avoid a corrupt Commissioner.

    His main Yahoo name is Capt. Yesterday and I'm pretty sure he has three other accounts, as he made ridiculous trades (ie: Ian Stewart and Mike Pelfrey for Grady Sizemore) with three other teams in the league I'm talking about. The other three Yahoo names are november5thoheight, zxwq55 and wants_sex_now222.

    His main email address is kcp221@yahoo.com, the other three are just the Yahoo names @yahoo.com.

    You really don't want to join any of this guy's leagues.

    Right after our draft, he changed the Trade Review from "League Votes" to "Commissioner" and made the following trades:

    -Stewart and Pelfrey for Sizemore

    -Chris Young (OF) and Kevin Slowey for Josh Hamilton and Joakim Soria

    -Adam Dunn, Victor Martinez and George Sherrill for David Wright, Alfonso Soriano and Jonathan Papelbon

    -Miguel Tejada, Billy Butler and Gil Meche for Rafael Furcal, Manny Ramirez and John Lackey

    After a few of the other managers called him out on cheating, he blocked the entire league from posting and emailing.

    When I sent him trade requests with messages (as that was the only remaining form of communication) asking him to reverse the trades, switch the Trade Review back to "League Votes" and submit them again, to be fair, he dropped my 10 best players (Jon Lester, Joey Devine, Jonathan Broxton, Chad Billingsley, Tim Lincecum, Matt Wieters, Matt Holliday, Nick Markakis and B.J. Upton) and locked the entire league from Adding/Dropping.

    So the whole league is still blocked from doing anything and he's already dropped the 10 best players of two more teams in the league. Oh, and he's picked up Lincecum and Billingsley, as well as Albert Pujols, who was dropped from another team.

    This guy is an absolute joke. I don't doubt that he's won several of his leagues using this same method of corruption.

    So this is a warning. DO NOT play in a league where this guy is the Commissioner. Collusion runs rampant and if you call him out on it, he'll drop your team and block you from doing anything.

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