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  • Craigsports Craigsports Feb 28, 2009 9:30 PM Flag

    EXPERT LEAGUE, 70%+,60%+ profile ratio minimum, 1 opening left !!!


    2 year running great group, expert league, all GM's exceed and most far exceed the requirements of 60%+ fantasy profile ratio (about half have 70%+ ratios) and at least 3+ years Yahoo fantasy sports experience (at least 25-30 teams managed)

    1 opening for baseball group, 6x6 setttings (OPS & QS) H2H....draft is in two weeks

    I keep a running excel spreadsheet of all GMs and their overall performance in our leagues, football, basketball and baseball to gauge overall performance and performance specific to one sport

    copy and paste (don't send link, I won't be able to open it, COPY AND PASTE) your Yahoo fantasy profile and email to craigsports@yahoo.com......

    hoping to get a strong new addition for our group, not all of our GMs play every sport (a couple guys play basketball only for example), and you'll be eligible to continue in each league we have

    great group, super competitive, if you think you know your stuff, come join and show us



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