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    League Settings Change

    For all commissioners and team managers on the board here, I have one question. Is it proper or improper for a commissioner to change league settings AFTER the draft has already taken place? I know I feel it is TOTALLY WRONG. I ask because this happened in a public league that I am in. I, as well as several other managers, asked the commish why he did this. His response to that was "to make it funner." He also said that if the the majority of league managers voted the settings should be changed, he would change them back to the original settings. Well, he never held a vote.

    He has also threatened to boot those of us that asked him why he changed the settings out of the league.

    Who is right, and if this were to happen in any of your leagues, what would you do?

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    • I wonder if you report it to YAHOO, if they can remove you from his league...??? My out look on the situation is that he is just one who has to feel like he is in control !! I think any COMISH. like that sucks, and takes away the fun from any FANTASY Sport!!!

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      • Thanks for all the input guys. I would post a message on the league message board if I were to create a league, but he would just delete it. The commish also posted a message a few days ago saying he had tried to change the settings back, but that he had gotten an error message. We were told that he had "tried everything" but nothing could be changed. I posted a message in response saying that I had used the commish tools on a league I created to change the settings back and forth to test out his theory of trying everything, and I had no trouble changing anything back. He deleted that message so as not to make himself look bad. That's why I said he'd delete a message promoting my league. Normally I wouldn't voice my opinion or cause trouble in a league. But I have played fantasy baseball for 9 years now, andI this situation has never came up before. So I simply had to say something, as did most of the other teams mgrs.

    • You can't change the settings after the draft. The commish should change it back.

    • If it were me, I would tell him to enjoy his league and leave IMMEDIATELY. I would also form a new league and ask the other members who had questions if they would like to join it.

    • I feel your pain, this just happened to me in a custom league where the commissioner after the draft changed the trade review to by commissioner instead of league vote, after we complained he changed it back. He was just mad because during the draft chat he was offering pitchers at gold prices because he drafted all the top pitchers first and ended up with so so hitters. Then a few days later he changed the league from roto to head 2 head, this really thicked off all the managers and some threatened to leave the league, so he dropped all the players from the rosters of teams that complained. So I am one of those teams that complained and basically nothing you can do, Yahoo will not get involved in custom or private league issues. Hope all works out for you.


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