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    I typically use the ESPN message boards because they get more traffic. However, the past few days I have been checking Yahoo's to try and find out when the leagues were going to be opening. I have to say that I am shocked at the way people treat others on this site (let alone that Yahoo allows this to go on). There is no reason for people to put others down and curse at them over fantasy baseball. Are you sick of reading post asking when Yahoo is opening or complaining that it is not open yet? Then don't read the post.

    I assume that most of the people doing this are children. However, if you are 16 or older you need to step back and take a look at yourself. This behavior is beyond immature and rude. Also, before you go and insult anymore people, please take a grammar and spelling class. From what I have seen, most of what is written on these pages does not qualify as English.

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    • Im not being rude at all when i say this but if you dont like it y r u writing something bout it dont read them... You would be surprised i bet over 75% of the ppl arguing are at least 21 years old and sorry but i could care less if your 21 or not you have the right to go to war for your country but your gonna tell me when i can and cant argue on a chat... NO your not get off of my nutz and get out of this chat unless its about fantasy baseball Actually about it

    • How do you know how old I am? I'm older than you think. How are you so sure the generations are lazy, uneducated and have no sense of entitlement? A lot of 60 + year olds grew up in different times, so a lot of them are grumpy as hell. So I'm not going to listen to someone else's opinion who is mad at the world. I form my opinions with my own eyes and brain. Times have changed, get over it. What the kids that go to all our great universities are dumber than previous generations? I highly doubt that. We have a lot more people here compared to Germany. I know there are a lot of punks out there, but I'm going to take offense to your statement being I am considered young. I have nothing against Germany.

      Let's go Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andy who are arguing with? No need to express your views to anyone here who doesn't understand what you stand for . BE PROUD AS I AM

    • Everything you just said had no validity to it, you were insulting the "kids" in this generation and because some other man from a different generation agrees with you does not make it true. Every generation is different. If you are as smart and logical as you claim to be then you would make some sense with your arguments.

    • First, I never made a claim that my country was better than the U.S. I just defended my country when it was attacked by someone else (even though they did not know where I was from).

      Second, I was not insulting the U.S. I was commenting on the problems that the country has with its younger generations. Comments that were agreed with by the older american posters on this page.

      Third, I never compared the people of the U.S. to the people of Germany. I compared the younger generations of the U.S. to the younger generations ACROSS THE WORLD.

      Fourth, yes a lot of it is about money and as you get older and start to experience what life is really all about you will understand. Plenty of people move to another country to make money for a few years then move back to their home country. In the United States you can see this all over with the Mexican population. Many of the illegal immigrants from mexico go back to Mexico when they get older beacuse the money they earn here goes farther there.

      Fifth, I never called the people of the United States terrible or the country itself terrible. If you truley are in college you should have been taught how to argue and infer logic based arguments better than that.

    • I know, but I am very bored at work and I find this kind of thing fun

    • I've traveled outside this country numerous times, and I'm sorry that a 20 year old college student does not have the finances available to live outside of this country for any period of time. I've never made a statement about this country being good or bad, you are insulting the people in this country and talking up your "home country" like its so much better than here. If its all about money to you and thats why you live and work here then why are you making this argument. If money means this much to you to live in such a terrible country with such terrible people then your entire argument has now lost validity.

    • Andy think you are wasting your time and breathe here with those who are younger . When they grow older they will learn for themselves. We have to consider the source

    • First, why do you have to put him down by calling him a moron. Have I or any of the others who have posted on this thread that disagree with you called you names?

      Second, my being a foreigner makes me just as biased in this discussion as you being an American. If anything an outside view of what is going on would be the least biased opinion. Also, have you ever lived outside the U.S.? Have you ever traveled outside the U.S.? If not, then someone who has experienced other societies and cultures would be a less biased view then yours. Please think about what you are saying before you disagree with others or put them down.

    • I have worked in my country as well as several others. The reason why I work here is that I get paid a lot more than working in my country. Where I come from the population is very educated. If you know anything about supply and demand it will help out. There is a demand for educated workers in the U.S. but a very small supply, therefore the U.S. has to pay foreigners a lot to come here and work for them.

      To call my country poor is ignorant without knowing where I am from. I am from Germany, which happens to have the third largest economy in the world (for a country about the size of Texas, is the worlds largets exporter (ahead of both the U.S. and China even though it is a fraction of their size) and actually has a surplus so it will not be going bankrupt like the United States.

      I do not want to give the wrong impression of how I feel about the U.S. It is one of the greatest countries in the history of mankind. Some of the best people I know are Americans. The problem is that all the good americans are getting older (in their 60s now). The younger generations are lazy, uneducated and have this sence of entitlement that will be the downfall of U.S. global power.

      This is not just the opinion of one foreigner. Take the time to talk to an older american, they will tell you the same thing.

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