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  • sox_fan sox_fan Feb 9, 2009 12:28 PM Flag


    Lets start a list of cheaters that we know about. That way half way throug hthe season we don't read all about cheating commishs

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    • I hate people who do that crap...they're losers with no lives and no self-esteem. Cheating at fantasy sports...wow. That makes it so much damn fun when you cheat to win! I'm with ya dude!

    • A message I posted on this league's board :

      DO NOT JOIN 'The 86 Mets League'

      I want to warn you about this commissioner. I joined this league last year. Shortly after the draft, the commish D.Wright 40/40 Club (jetsbkbk06) started changing the league settings before it locks at season start. He also pulled Jose Reyes from the team that drafted him to put him on his own team. Any messages posted on the league board that would complain or try to point this out to everyone else would be deleted by this cheating commissioner. As a result, many teams protested by dropping everyone on their roster and not playing anymore. I kept quite because I didn't want to hurt my Yahoo fantasy ranking. Some messages on the board said that he had done the same thing the previous season so what is going to stop him from doing it again. I just want to warn you to get out now or suffer the same bullshit that we did. This cheating must be stopped. If you did remain in the league and this behavior continues, I tried to warn you.

    • Yahoo ID = jetsbkbk06
      email = jetsbkbk99@aol.com

      20 team league. He called it 'The 86 Mets League' and has it archived since 2006 so there is a good chance he will try again this year. BEWARE!!! He pulled players from other teams. He locked out some others that complained and erased their messages from the board. Half of the teams quit. I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want it to hurt my fantasy ranking. I came in 2nd but I hated that league.