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  • TheTerminator500 TheTerminator500 Feb 8, 2009 8:14 AM Flag

    Most of you are retarded

    totally agree. And besides, the shitty gamecast from espn is no comparison to the statracker. if your to cheap to pay $10 you got serious issues in your life.

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    • I used to think I couldn't live without Stat Tracker either until I found out that I had to purchase it for every single account I had which meant $10 x 4 so last year I didn't get it at all and I barely knew the difference. Since they automatically update the stats each night it's easy enough to simply plug in the numbers from the current day with the numbers from tallied numbers from the night before to get a current update.

      Only people that get Stat Tracker are those that are to impatient to wait which again are the younger folks who have never been taught the importance of being patient they've been taught that everything has to be right here right now.


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