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  • Mike Mike Jan 17, 2009 7:35 PM Flag

    Big Board vs. My Board

    Heres a look at the Big Board and what I have created as My Board. This tactic has worked for me alot in the past. Im not that into the young hitters who had good years last year, so dont expect to see any Josh Hamiltons on my board. I prefer the proven hitters, so have a look for yourself, I gave a little stat info on each player aswell.

    Big Board Top 10
    1. Hanley Ramirez
    2. Alex Rodriguez
    3. Albert Pujols
    4. Jose Reyes
    5. David Wright
    6. Miguel Cabrera
    7. Grady Sizemore
    8. Ryan Braun
    9. Josh Hamilton
    10. Ian Kinsler

    My Board Top 10
    1. Ryan Howard - 3 straight season with 45+ HR's
    2. Albert Pujols - 8 season with 30+ HR seasons.
    3. Alex Rodriguez - great numbers every year
    4. Adam Dunn - 5 straight seasons with 40+ HR's
    5. Ichiro - 8 seasons with 200+ Hits and 30+ SB's, and
    .300+ avg.
    6. Vladimir Guerrero - 11 straight seasons with
    25+ HR's, .300+ avg.
    7. David Wright - 4 seasons with 25+ HR's, 15+ SB's,
    and .300+ avg.
    8. Miguel Cabrera - 5 seasons with 25+ HR and never under
    a .290 avg in 5 seasons.
    9. Jose Reyes - 4 season with 190+ Hits and 55+ SB's
    10. Hanley Ramirez - Good HR's, great SB's and .300+ avg.

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    • Apparently some of you arent reading what I wrote. This is "My Board", and in my many years of following fantasy baseball I have learned never to take a 2nd year player in the 1st or 2nd round, which is why I didnt have players like Josh Hamilton or Braun on my list. Alot of you also didnt liek that I had Adam Dunn on my list. If you take a look at his stats the past 5 seasons you will notice that he has had over 40HR's in each of those years. Dunn is the only player to hit 40 HR's in each of the last 5 years.

      I made this list because the Big Board was full of hitters, where as my complete list would actually include pitchers since I am a pitching and defense fan.

    • Man I really, really, really, really wish I could play in your league. Please take a guy like Ichiro, Vlad, or Dunn in the first, and let Hanley slip by you if he's still available after the first 5 taken. Wow, you sure know your stuff... *snicker*

    • Umm, no. Simply, no. Either you are clueless, or you're 12 years old and this is like your first draft in your life.

      You will get crushed in any normal league drafting Adam Dunn in the first round, or even the top 3 rounds, let alone drafting him in front of Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, and David Wright.

      Also, unless your league gives you points for ONLY HR's there is no reasonable justification for Ryan Howard going #1 overall.

      Nevermind, I won't comment further. Sorry, I don't want to be mean, but let's not sugar coat this. Basically, get a clue before you post so you don't accidentally influence other newbies into following your insane draft strategy.

    • NO BELTRAN HOW BOUT I DON'T KNOW GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Umm allstar 2b chase utley world champ phillies anyone

    • You're analysis is all fine and dandy. I don't think there's an owner who doesn't want proven players, and it great trying to get them on your teams. The thing is, why draft players in the top 10 if you can get them several rounds 6 rounds later. In the case of Ichiro, Dunn, and Vlad you could get them easily in the 3rd round if you wanted them (you could wait a lot longer for Dunn.) I like your idea, I just think you should try getting better value for those 3 at least.

    • truly there is too much emphasis on everyone having the same top players so you are quite right in having your own list. however, adam dunn ba is so low that it partially negates his strong points. moreover, you well know he will be available way down the draft. picking him over braun,kinsler,sizemore,teixeira,carlos lee,etc. etc.etc. is painful to see. even by your criterion of consistent older players there are many options better than dunn and vlad. anyway, deveopment of your own method of play is the best way and i wish you luck in 09.

    • Your top 10 is absolutely horrible...I agree with the one guy above, I wish they would show your board to other people in my league so that they draft off it, I would be the champion of the league before it even starts.

    • Yuck. Adam Dunn? You must be a homer or something..........plus I would take Chase Utley or even Ian Kinlser over some of your picks there........

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