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  • the one the one Jan 17, 2009 4:10 PM Flag

    interesting keeper question

    need to keep 5. whichever player i decide to keep gets drafted in the round they were selected in last year. Example, a 7th rounder in the draft next year gets drafted in the 7th round this year.

    Also, you can use your last round pick to keep someone you got off waivers. With that being said, which 5 should I keep based on ability and draft position value?

    Holliday--1st round
    Soriano--3rd round
    Zambrano--3rd round
    Bedard--3rd round
    Magglio--4th round
    Roberts--5th round
    Lackey--7th round
    Valverde--10th round
    Lincecum--13th round
    Soria--16th round
    J.D. Drew--21st round
    Bruce--last round
    Aviles--last round
    Delgado--last round
    Thome--last round
    Gavin Floyd--last round

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    • Lincecum-13th
      Jay Bruce-last round
      Soria-16th round
      Soriano-3rd round
      Gavin Floyd-Last round

      Everyone else is either less value or equal value to their round.

    • I think its clear you have to keep Lincecum and Zambrano on the pitching side. As`far as hitters Id keep mags, soriano, mags and roberts...relief can always be picked up, but second base is at a premium, roberts will lock down that spot.

    • lincecum,bruce,roberts,soria, and soriano.

    • Responding to your league rules referred to as 'crap' by an earlier poster, it strikes me that you must work from the bottom up. Even if Holliday is worth a first round pick, you have a good shot at getting him with YOUR first round pick. So he's a guy you Do Not keep.

      You do keep your late round picks who did well and look likely to do so again. To wit:

      Keep Jay Bruce, whom you would otherwise have zero chance of getting with your last round pick This Year.

      Keep J D Drew, who played like a 6th round or better last year, and will be gone long before the 21st round this year.

      Keep the Mexicutioner, Soria. You won't ever find a Top 5 closer in Round 16.

      Keep Lincecum. How often can you draft the defending Cy Young winner in Round 13?

      And then there's Brian Roberts. One of the top 3 or 4 2B's, and you can have him in Round 5? Gotta do it.

      Hey, you're welcome!

    • all of that explaination crap aside... if I had to pick 5 it would be Lincecum, Soria, Soriano, Zambrano, Roberts


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