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  • Slappytheclown Slappytheclown Jan 14, 2009 4:15 PM Flag

    Looking for suggestions on a 1st year dynasty league

    32 teams is too many.

    set a player limit.

    I've also thought about a monthly 'draft' for a dynasty league I am setting up. Instead of waivers, anyone who is 'New' to the yahoo league will go up for draft on the first sunday of every month. That way, if someone goes on vacation for a week or two during summer (happens you know, peeps have lives) they won't miss players. of course, the monthly drafts would be for only players who have cleared waivers.

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    • Thanks for all the input so far.

      Just want to clarify that is is a 12 team league with 32 players per team that I'm thinking about.

      I think that 12 team is the best for baseball. In a 12 team league, each team goes against each other team twice in a season, Then a one month playoff.

      Besides I think that is difficult enough to get 12 dedicated manager. I shudder to think of trying for find 14, 16 or 20. :D

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      • I would reconsider the roster size. 32 players is a lot. That is 384 players for a twelve team league. That works out to about 12-13 players from each MLB team, which is a lot - conceivably all 8 position players, 3-4 SP and the closer from every team. The only players available will be in season call ups and worthless bench players. Nobody will ever have to release anyone of quality to pick up someone. It is nice to have some room on your bench, but too much ends up creating a lot of hoarding of players. Combine that with being a keeper league and owners may bail rather than invest the time to build a winner. You would really have to have active owners to keep player movement happening through trades.


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