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  • aPaulO aPaulO Jan 13, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    Looking for suggestions on a 1st year dynasty league

    I responded to a previous post about Keeper leagues and asked for suggestions, but no luck.

    So, I'm posting separate.

    I have had some experience with keeper leagues that die off for lack of interest, so I'm thinking of starting a dynasty league this season with some of the following ideas.

    Half of the league will be managers that have played together for the past three years - but in one off leagues. And then solicit select managers (i. e. managers that have shown that they stay the whole season and have interesting posts etc...) from other leagues that I have played in and if we still need managers advertise in forums such as this.

    It will be a 32 player dynasty league.

    I plan on letting the managers keep as many players on their roster as they want from season to season. Happy with your team, no need to draft. Want to take a chance on snagging a phenom just entering the Yahoo system, just give back one or several players on your roster (no minor league draft all players must be in the Yahoo system). Hate your team - give them all back and draft a whole new team.

    It will be a 12 team, 7x7, H2H league. The 7th place winner (the winner of the consolation round from the season before) will have the first draft choice followed by the 8th place winner and so on to the 12th place winner then followed by the 6th place winner to 1st place winner in each drafting round.

    Also, the 7th place winner will have the 1st waiver priority followed by the eight place winner (the same as the draft).

    What do you think? Will this league be able to sustain for the long haul - why or why not?

    Does it sound like fun? Would you enter a league with this set up?

    Any other issues?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond


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    • Bump. Any new blood out there with ideas?

    • Very interested and active and competitive player

      email- benkahnh@yahoo.com and have friend

    • Play the way the Fantasy Baseball Handbook tells us, originally.

      Lets TALK!!!

    • 32 teams is too many.

      set a player limit.

      I've also thought about a monthly 'draft' for a dynasty league I am setting up. Instead of waivers, anyone who is 'New' to the yahoo league will go up for draft on the first sunday of every month. That way, if someone goes on vacation for a week or two during summer (happens you know, peeps have lives) they won't miss players. of course, the monthly drafts would be for only players who have cleared waivers.

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      • Thanks for all the input so far.

        Just want to clarify that is is a 12 team league with 32 players per team that I'm thinking about.

        I think that 12 team is the best for baseball. In a 12 team league, each team goes against each other team twice in a season, Then a one month playoff.

        Besides I think that is difficult enough to get 12 dedicated manager. I shudder to think of trying for find 14, 16 or 20. :D

    • This will not hold true for more than a year.

      There are too many players being kept possibly for that many teams. I mean, think of this situation...

      Your team sucks and you want to draft all over. You drop all players. Well another team does the same, but the other 10 keep their teams. That means the teams drafting a new team will have their old selections, and then thats it in quality. The other 10 teams will occupy 320 players. Can you tell me what talent is left after 320 players are off the board?

      I have been in a keeper baseball league for 6 years now. We have had minor turnover since the inception of the league. I think in total, we have had to replace an avg of 1 manager every 2 years. It is a 12 team leave, all player positions plus an OF and Util slot. The Pitching is SP SP SP RP RP P P P. You get to keep 4 guys for next year. This has worked to perfection. Teams that finish in last still have the chance next year to be contenders by keeping their best 4 and a good draft.

      I love fantasy baseball, but I would grow tired and bored. Roster turnover is part of the excitement each year. You take it out, and you take the interested and fun out of it.

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      • You should do what you want to do and don't worry about.

        It's just a fact that some people are not as good as they think they are and there always be those who do know what they are doing and they will find ways to make there team better and better and there always those who lose interest when they don't do well. You just replace them.

        And Wess I can answer that question of what kind talent is left. The Answer is Rookies and that isn't bad when they can turn out to be a Tim Lincecum or a Evan Longoria and a team that would keep a very few players can get almost all of them if he is infromed enough to know who might be this years guys to be this years Longoria or Lincecum.

        And for question of Turnover of players? That's what Trading is for. Really if you are in a Keeper or Dynasty League and in a month or so you report who will be your keepers and if those players are the same players you keep last year that shouldn't acceptable for it would show you did nothing to improve.

    • like the flexibilities.

    • As close to reality as it may seem, I don't like the idea of keeping as many players as you want. The rich will get richer, while the poor stay poor. You open a big door for unsatistified managers to leave, because they do not want to wait until their team might be competitive again in a couple of years.

      I even heard from a keepers league in this forum, where 4 managers had all the All-Stars while the other 8 teams had to get by with crumbles. End of story: The poor 8 colluded and had their teams deleted on May, 1st; not exactly a Hollywood ending, eh?


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