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  • bob bob Jan 10, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

    Keeper Help Please!

    because i totally agree with you that you take the best player available, i will explain why that this excludes holliday and morneau altho they are of course fine players. holliday home splits for 08 332, 15 hr, 59 rbi and away splits 308, 10 hr, 29 rbi. now in oakland the away stats seem a good indicator and project for 09 a lo 300 hitter with about 20 hr and how many rbi!?! only a projection but deal with it.
    my projections for morneau about 30 hr and 0 sb, for mclouth about 30 hr and 20 or so sb, and for victorino 15 and 35, with these projections morneau doesn't make the early rds. ba also works against morneau. your projections are obviously much different but i like mine.
    good luck in 09.


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