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  • Dan Dan Jan 9, 2009 3:34 PM Flag

    Keeper Help Please!

    This is my first year doing a keeper league and I do not if the best strategy is to keep more hitters or pitchers. I can keep 5 players from (cut down to good players) Matt Holliday, Soriano, Morneau, Chris Davis, Figgins, Furcal, McLouth, Victorino, Lincecum, Volquez.

    Any suggestions?

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    • Seems pretty easy to pick 5 here. Lincecum, Holliday, Soriano, Morneau, Volquez

      Steals are easy to get. You've got to keep 2 young very good pitchers. Gotta keep the power

    • Matt Holliday, Soriano, Chris Davis, McLouth,, Lincecum, -
      last three are your future to keep forever- trdae the fist two for a rp and best young hitter

    • Nathan pretty well nailed it - Holliday, Morneau, Soriano, McLouth and Lincecum. You can always find pitching, but hitting is much harder to mine for once the season starts. And trade Holliday, preferably pre-draft, for an extra 1st rounder and hopefully a decent MI.

    • my choices would be: soriano,davis,lincecum,victorino,and mclouth.

      holliday is discounted in value because of the move to oakland.

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      • and whats your excuse for droppin a 3rd rounder in morneau??? and fact of the matter is that holliday is still no less then a 2nd round pick even with the move. easy choice - holliday, morneau, soriano, and lincecum. for the 5th, its your call really, victorino gets steals and some pop and average, mclouth gets more pop, but less steals and average, volquez is the man, but only for 4 months, and chris davis has tremendous power potential, but also strikes out 30% of the time, which probably projects to a poorer average then he's shown. victorino is probably the safest pick, but i might lean on davis just cuz even with the risk, the potential reward on him is HUGE.

        and odds are you'll be able to land any of the other 3 guys (maybe all 3) in the first few rounds of your draft if you really want them. the 5 guys you keapt would def all be gone in the first round, THAT IS WHY YOU ALWAYS KEEP THE HIGHEST VALUE GUYS (for anybody who would suggest to drop holliday and morneau), cuz you wont be able to draft them if you drop them, theyll be gone very early. plus they'll give you great trade value, which is def something id suggest with holliday.

        the guy hit for twice as much power over the last 3 years in coors then away from it (62-33 homers), hit 50 points higher, and slugged 200 points higher at coors then anywhere else. PLUS oakland has no line-up protection for him, on top of being a massive pitchers park. and cant fail to point out billy beane loves the moneyball approach, which means very few stolen bases. he's gonna end the year with stats you might expect from a 5th or 6th rounder, which is not bad, but nowhere near the 1st/2nd round value he has still right now, so find the couple of guys in your league that dont do much of their homework and still LOVE holliday (trust me, just lookin over these posts the last few weeks, there seem to be a TON of them) and trade him away for a REAL 1st/2rd round talent. thats just my two cents...

    • Holliday, Morneau, Lincecum, Volquez, Soriano. Try to trade Soriano for a good closer. If you can do that, then draft your infield 1st thing, you should be ok.

    • I would say Holliday, Soriano,Lincecum, Morneau, Furcal. Iffy on that last one.


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