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  • GripDog GripDog Dec 17, 2008 11:53 PM Flag

    Yahoo Staff - Give Us Keeper Settings

    Well...they DO have it. It's called Baseball Plus. $124.95 per league. My 20 team league is $6.25 per team. Stat tracker adn all the other add ons come with it. No need to be cheap!

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    • Ours is a 16 team keeper league and we use Plus!, but there still aren't any add-ons that make it easy for a commish to carry-over from the previous year.

      I'm looking for just some simple programs that let us edit rosters for teams before the season starts, post our draft order with all of the trades included, set up a "dynasty ranking" so we can rag on the dude who hasn't made the playoffs in 3 years, and an ability to look back at the history of where a certain player was drafted: i.e. as a Boston-centric league is there an inherent bias in drafting that would need me to explore other options in RF because some homer is going to pick JD Drew in round 2.

      not all that hard, there are other platforms that do it.


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