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  • Dynasty Builder Dynasty Builder Oct 19, 2008 6:31 AM Flag

    New 20 team fantasy keeper league

    1. How many keepers are we allowed to have?

    9 per season

    2. How will the draft be conducted?

    For 2009, the draft must be a live draft. Therefore every effort will be made to accommodate as many owners as possible.

    The draft will be held as close to the regular season as possible. My plan is to have extra managers waiting in the wings should a draft time

    make it so an owner is unable to participate. The plan would then be to give the team to one of the "backup managers",

    and to allow the owner from the previous group of 20 to have first dibs on the next spot. I will try to hold the draft on a Saturday or a Sunday.

    3. Why do you include OPS in your scoring?
    Because OPS (on base plus slugging) is a marker that combined with other traditional catergories helps identify the true value of hitters

    to major league teams. You do not need for example, number of singles, doubles, triples and walks when you use OPS, because that is already incorporated into OPS.

    4. Why include losses?

    We include wins and frankly, it should be noted if a pitcher ked his team to a loss. In addition, if losses are used, teams have to make judgement calls

    about the value of stud pitchers on bad teams, and mediocre pitchers on good teams. Which way to do we go here?

    Sometimes the possiblity of a loss will keep a manager from starting a pitcher, whereas in the regular Yahoo format,

    managers are more than likely to throw caution to the wind, because a poor pitching performance mattered less without losses.

    5. Please explain the format for waivers and minor leaguers.

    We will use rolling waivers just like Yahoo. You have to decide if you want to go after a bunch of guys who might help your club,
    or if you will wait for that "Next Nig Thing" coming from the minors.

    6. Your philosopy on trades?
    Lessize-faire system. Will only block a deal if there is collusion.

    7. When can we trade?
    All regular season. Playoff teams may not make trades while they are competiting for the main prize. They can do so once

    they are eliminated. Trading may not occur from the end of the regular season, (October 1) until November 15. Managers should expect the

    keeper declaration date to be in mid November.

    8. What is most important to the commish?
    Ability to get along with other managers, enthusiasm and activity level.

    9. Is this league free?



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