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  • Rob Johnson Rob Johnson Sep 29, 2008 9:02 AM Flag

    Not using yahoo next year

    There is no reason that todays game should not be counted, and I suspect it's just because yahoo is lazy. I won't be playing on yahoo next year.

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    • yahoo is actually a great site for fantasy sports especially considering its free. the only fantasy site i like better is sandbox, but you gotta pay for that now. yahoo's layout is clean and loads much faster than any other site. every site has its drawbacks, but yahoo's r much easier to digest. im sure if u won ur league w/o the final game and wouldve lost w/ the final game, ud b singing a different tune.

    • Yahoo proved to be a bunch of yahoos this year. "Scheduled maintenance" on the last Saturday of the season? What's up with that? I was watching the Phil/Wash game and Zimmerman hit a double. According to Stattracker, Chase Utley hit a 1B followed by Zimm's 2B and had Zimm on second and Utley on first. I had to verify via TV that Utley hadn't been traded to the Senators. The dumbasses didn't even post starting lineups pre-game. Then Sunday, Stattracker was down completely until noon PDT. What do I think of Kingman/Yahoo's performance? Ask Tommy Lasorda.

    • well i think mlb rules state, play 162 games. Now it would have not happened, if they white sox were 1 1/2 back. it would be meaningless. Read the RULES of your league before joining that league. Yahoo has nothing to do with with MLB's rules.

    • haha!! amazes me how you shmucks cry and complain about yahoos fantasy baseball. you losers expect yahoo and major league baseball to change thier rules and the way they do things just to accomadate a few extra fantasy baseball points, and maybee a shiney new icon trophy in ur god dam profile!!! HAHA, you boneheads should be the ones PAYING yahoo as its fan. baseball season keeps most of you playing with your team, instead of sitting online in porn sites jackin urselfs off......keep complaining, you look real stupid and petty.

    • if one were PAYING for the service, you'd have a valid complaint. If it's in a custom league, you should also be able to set the custom 'season' a few days longer to cover possible makeup games as the commish sees fit. But again, it's still a free custom league and yahoo IS doing the stat retention....soooooooo

      Just playing a free default league? shut up pansy

    • that's pretty dumb. of course there's a good reason for the game not counting. its an extra one that other teams don't have. you dont include it for the same reason you dont include playoff games for fantasy scoring...

    • Yahoo is pure garbage...mickey mouse league...cbs is the best site for fantasy ask any one...yahoo is clueless

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      • Haw haw... Please.... Yer kidding right?? CBS sportsline is a joke. Yahoo has a great Fantasy Baseball experience...and it's freaking free!!! Yahoo only sucks if you don't know how to set up your league correct. Or it sucks when u have lame scoring cats. I dialed in the perfect custom set-up... a 12 team league with big hitting and pitching rosters. The scoring cats we're standerd + 2B and TB and QS and K/bb. worked out really well.

    • Take a look at the ESPN site. They play 13 on the field at one time, not counting pitching. Noone left to change out after the draft. Try them. Bitch Bitch Bitch

    • I agree! MLB is even counting Tuesday's game (Twins/Sox) as a regular season game (in terms of stats). I have emailed Yahoo and I encourage as many people as possible to do the same.

    • Yahoo is still popular site, and could no doubt, use some added improvements for next year! Paying for this service called StatTracker is a terrible waste ($9.95) of money; especially, since I heard that the service went down on Sunday (the most important day it was needed) for hours!

      CBS Sports should be a better choice, as they do offer all types of fantasy leagues that will satisfy most competiters! Best of all, they provide free Stats and Updates on their site, with player updates (usually a few minutes wait) while the game is in progress! Wow!

      One big standout feature about CBS is that they allow you to draft, trade or FA/W almost every possible Major league and Minor league player you could want at any time! The player database is huge and very complete for all those who do their homework!

      Yahoo doesn't come close to showcasing what CBS has to offer! I highy recommend you visit this site!

      Good luck!

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