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    is it always era for championship tiebreaker

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    • In the event that a Fantasy playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock is broken using the following system:
      Winning percentage against this opponent during the regular season
      Playoff seed
      How is winning percentage determined?
      Head-to-Head Standard leagues
      The winning percentage is based on individual stat category wins and losses, and not matchup wins and losses. (A tie is worth a half win or 0.5, and a half loss or 0.5)
      Example: Team A had 50 stat category wins VS. Team #$%$ 30 stat category wins during the regular season. 50 wins / 80 total stat categories equals a .625 win percentage.
      Head-to-Head One-Win and Head-to-Head Points leagues
      The tiebreaker is the matchup win percentage against this opponent during the regular season. (Not stat category wins)
      Example: Team C beat Team D, 3 out of 4 times during the regular season for a .750 win percentage.

    • It goes to the team with the better h2h record against the opponent, and if that is tied, then the seeding is used to break the tie.

      So, if Team A plays Team B and they tied 5-5 in the playoffs, then it looks at which team did better against the other. If Team A beat B 11-9 in 2 combined regular season games, then Team A wins. This makes regular season matchups all the more important!

    • Go click on "Rules" in the upper right hand corner of your league page and you can look up all the tiebreakers there. Reading it yourself will be way easier than reading what 10 people here are trying to explain.

    • no it isn't

    • In my other leagues in which I tied the win goes to whoever did better in the regular season.


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