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  • The Gremlinator The Gremlinator Sep 15, 2008 7:16 PM Flag

    Getting in touch with Yahoo Admin

    This site makes money by how many people come to it. The more people that come the more advertising you get and the more money you make. Yahoo wants every customer possible, and should be willing to hear from its customers. Not to mention that people pay for fantasy plus leagues, and things like stattracker and draft kits.

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    • the minute the change the setting for tie breaker they will get a whole new round of complaints from poeple who lost because of the new setting . except now it would not onlybe people crying about the yahoo admins but also about cheating commish . at least this way it all pre determined and yahoo is the one setting rule for everyone ..

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      • Personally that wouldn't really apply to me because I only play in private leagues. But what you do is make it a private league setting, even cheaper than doing it for every league. Or better yet you could make it a setting in every league that cannot be changed after the teams have been drafted, they already have settings like that. That is still a pre determined tie breaker.


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