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  • The Gremlinator The Gremlinator Sep 15, 2008 1:54 PM Flag

    Getting in touch with Yahoo Admin

    Maybe some one can help me with where to send my suggestion to Yahoo Admins. There should be a commish setting for setting the tiebreak rules. I got screwed over by this system, lowest ERA is not a fair way to decide. It is what it is I play for third now, but this way definitely did not send the best team to the finals. I think that under settings there should be a way to set the tiebreak rules so that it is more equitable to teams that killed all year and are not going to the finals because of ERA, it should not be a single stat that determines who goes it should either be best regular season record or better head to head play record. I extremely disapointed in this system and hope that I can get some help getting in touch with the Admins at Yahoo fantasy sports to see to it that these sort of atrocities don't continue.

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    • I've never been screwed by the tie breakers, but lowest ERA is poor because it counts one category twice. I heard some use bench players, but I think the best choice would be regular season record. Why use a small sample when you have a large one?

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      • Runs is ok by me, but whatever, you can't make a PLAYOFF game be decided by regular season work.

        I'm sure the Yankees wouldn't like their season(s) to be decided by one play, but Gonzalez did get that hit in 01, and Roberts did steal that base in 04'.

        That's why hitters are more important during the entire year, but pitchers are more important in the playoffs. Ironically, it mirrors real baseball!!!

    • im not sure if anyone else has posted this.. i read about 40 posts and never saw it,

      but a team can win a game even though they may have a higher ERA, due to errors.. however, a team cannot win a game if they have less Runs.. so i think Runs should be the tiebreaker. no other stat means u for sure win a game except Runs.

      A team can have 20 hits compared to 4 and still lose.. ERA can be lower and still lose, Stolen Bases mean nothing, WHIP can go either way.. you get my drift?

      Runs should be the tiebreaker.. (that is if Yahoo! just decides on one, then it should be Runs)

      otherwise i agree and think the league/commish should be able to adjust/decide.

      Thank you,

    • With Monday and Thursday you are able to pick up and drop hitters to get more hitters throughout the week and throughout the week the ablitiy for you to drop and pick up pitchers there is no way a 1st tiebreaker should be a stat that holds an amount rather than an Ave.

      1. Since people usually pick up and drop pitchers, that usually hurts their ERA and WHIP, hence that is why ERA is the first tiebreaker.

      2. The best team did move on, it was just not you

      3. Since this has happen to you before and it keeps on happening to you a logical person would adapt to the rules at hand. Get up from the computer, go to the bathroom, go infront of the mirror and repeat this phrase, you are a dumb a$$.

    • i havent been in this situation but i agree that a person season shouldnt come down to one stat. maybe yahoo could change it so that the tie break was determined by seeding. the higher seed advances. that would award the team that did better in the regular season. at the same time i dont think it matters what the tie break is, wether it be predetermined by yahoo or set by the commish, somebody is always going to complain about it.

    • i havent been in this situation but i agree that an entire season shouldnt come down to one stat. maybe they could change it so that the tie break is based on seeding. the higher seed advances. that would award the team that had the better regular season. at the same time i dont believe it would matter what the tie break rule was, whether it be pre determined by yahoo or determined by the commish, somebody is always going to complain.

    • Waaaaaaa! MOMMY!!!

    • Well its like this u should of never put ur self in that spot u sore loser

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      • he spent more time complaining on the message board than it would have taken top read all the rules!!!!!!!!! some people who lose really suck. i mean come on, show a little class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • he's right the comish should get to decide what the tiebreaker is, i think it should come down to reg season win percentage. but yahoo should come up with a big list of tiebreaks for a comish to choose from

    • Quit bitchin cry baby. I assume you knew the tie breaker system BEFORE you signed up, or started your league??
      If not, thats your fault for not looking over every detail!

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      • I'm impressed with all the people who read the rules (and the fairly intricate tiebreak system) before they signed up for a Yahoo! team. I think people are confusing the Yahoo rules with the league settings....I'm willing to bet most people read the league settings before joining a league not the master Yahoo! fantasy rules unless a situation comes up that directly affects them (i.e., approaching a tie at the end of a H2H week or a tie in rotisserie points).

        Here is the main point from which this discussion seems to have diverged:
        Private leagues should have the option to change tiebreak options. The default private league setting can remain single week ERA but the commissioner should have the option to change it before the season starts (preferably before the draft occurs). This serves two purposes:

        1) Regardless of whether the setting is changed or not, it will list the tiebreak setting within the individual league settings and make it much more visible
        2) Additional customization for a fairly sophisticated fantasy website.

        Whether Yahoo! can program this realistically is another issue but it's definitely something for them to consider. Considering the original subject line, I assume the poster needs a method to contact Yahoo! admin. I'm too lazy to look it up right now but I believe there is contact information through the infamous Rules link. I actually used it myself to contact Y! billing earlier this year and received a response right away.

        One last thing....you can call people 'crybabies' but in all facets of fantasy and reality, changes typically happen (for better or worse) because of a reaction to what has already occurred not because someone has thought out proactively every possible situation that might occur. If you are happy with the status quo, don't slander those who aren't...whether you're in agreement or not.

        Sorry for the long post.

        PS. I was close to getting beat by the ERA tiebreak in the semis of my most important league...luckily I won outright. I personally like week ERA (I hate streamers...max moves helps but you can limp into the playoffs and then use the majority of your moves there) but also like the idea of season W-L record against my opponent.

    • In this case i hope the tied breaker is era, it would help out the fact that i lost a tie to a much lower seed do to ear. This time as top seed i have the better era-so i hope it means a championship. I played it smart this time and which drew all my pitcher's when i clinched those stats-i havwe no chance of catching up in hitting stats- so era sould decide championship[we are even at 3 and 3] ??

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