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  • The Gremlinator The Gremlinator Sep 15, 2008 7:01 PM Flag

    WTF is the TIE BREAKER

    Like I've said in other posts I have the support of not only the winning team (the victor of my matchup) but the other players in the league. It should be the leagues choice how to break ties. Appartently though it is impossible to make a suggestion to admins, whether it works or not, it ones due dilligence to make ones voice heard.

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    • this guy is full of $$it . you saying the person who beat you . thinks that they should not be in the championship ? and that they would agree to have it changed ? come on who the fuck are you competing against ? your parents .. that bad call that cost the charger the game ( the no call on the fumble ) the broncos coach even admitted it was the wrong call but he wouldn't say it should of been any other way he went on to defend the broncos winning .. its funny if the winner would agree to have it over turned i highly doubt that .

    • "Appartently (sic) though it is impossible to make a suggestion to admins"

      All you need to do is send them an e-mail, also found in the section of the rules that you have avoided until now.


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