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  • The Gremlinator The Gremlinator Sep 15, 2008 4:51 PM Flag

    WTF is the TIE BREAKER

    No there would be no catagory bias if there was a setting, because everyone would know full well what the tiebreak is and if it were my league I would push for team merit (whether it was that playoff week or the season) as opposed to individual catagory merit. Plus if there were a setting then, in my opinion I would never use a one week, one stat merit, because it discounts what a team has done all year, or for that matter it discounts what catagories that the team beat the other team at. Even though each team had equal cats won. All I'm asking for is a setting, I have come to grips long ago that I lost because of the way the tiebreak system is now, and as I've said it is what it is. I didn't necessarily want to start a riot about it, but in a customer based league it should be customer based settings, including tiebreaks. That's all that I'm saying.


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