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  • Pbensing Pbensing Sep 14, 2008 4:44 PM Flag

    WTF is the TIE BREAKER

    in fantasy baseball????? Please Help. Thanks

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    • "the only explanation for what Shanahan did is that he was giving the chargers a chance to redeem themselves"

      Redeem themselves by losing the game?
      Ya, now I see what we are dealing with here.

    • "If you look at the first post about this you would see that I was merely looking for the suggestion box"

      That was in your thread about this same topic, not this one.

    • He didn't agree to turn it over, he merely said that the rule that the tiebreaker was based on is messed up. He wants to be in the championship just as much as I wanted to. In the broncos chargers game Shanahan gave the chargers a chance to win the game knowing that the call was blown (by going for two). Most coaches are under the philosophy that you play for the tie at home (which the broncos were), and win on the road, the only explanation for what Shanahan did is that he was giving the chargers a chance to redeem themselves, and they failed. Therefore he sleeps a little easier with win #2 under his belt, he did what he could to make it right.

    • I too got screwed , i killed in my league and won my league by 20 games, so they should have the regular season stand for something besides getting a bye in the first round??? They should have the best season's record count as the tie breaker, what a bunch of bs yahoo is!!! Era??? Are they crazy?? Why that, not rbi's or walks or total wins or well you get my point why era???? Did some nerd make up that rule, what a jack off tie breaker. Yahoo kiss my ass, great year and i get kicked out of my championship because of a nerd dumbass rule.

    • It would be cost effective and the customer satisfaction for Yahoo fantasy would go up. If you didn't know with the fantsy sports uprising Yahoo is losing market share so any piece of the pie they can please would benefit them. 10% probably an undersight, but yahoo should be aiming to please everyone. Nobody is saying that everyone should change it. The beauty of a setting is that you can change it or you don't have to if you like it the way it is. If you look at the first post about this you would see that I was merely looking for the suggestion box, if they change it I'm happy, if they don't they may lose me as a customer, they may not. I was looking for the route to the suggestion box is all.

    • I also said why not pitching when hitting gets inflated points all year .. ? funny customer based this is free man and like i said yahoo doesn't care for every one of you crying about losing the other guys is happy .. and from the sound of this board i would say very few are not happy it didn't happen to me and probaly 80 percent of theo ther leagues .. so maybe 10 percent of the people on here are not happy with it .. why should they change something because of ten percent ?

    • try reading the rules you dumb f@ck

    • another week to play

    • Lowest ERA and then highest BA.

    • Maybe some one can help me with where to send my suggestion to Yahoo Admins. There should be a commish setting for setting the tiebreak rules. I got screwed over by this system, lowest ERA is not a fair way to decide. It is what it is I play for third now, but this way definitely did not send the best team to the finals. I think that under settings there should be a way to set the tiebreak rules so that it is more equitable to teams that killed all year and are not going to the finals because of ERA, it should not be a single stat that determines who goes it should either be best regular season record or better head to head play record. I extremely disapointed in this system and hope that I can get some help getting in touch with the Admins at Yahoo fantasy sports to see to it that these sort of atrocities don't continue.

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      • jesus christ man this isn't even your post and your crying about it .. you lost I am assuming your the commish . but if a commish would set a rule like tie breaker rules and set them to be one side towards them is BS .. if you were the other team and you won because of someone sitting his guy no way would you agree that the rules should be changed .. yahoo sets the rule to be unbiased .. so when the playoffs come any team can win thats how it is in real life ..

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