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  • Daniel Daniel Sep 5, 2008 4:59 PM Flag

    Dealing with cheaters

    In our league one team dumped a bunch of their better players and another picked them all up (teixiera, manny, braun, liriano). I looked at their fantasy profiles and these two have been in the same leagues before. Im not the commish of this league, but what is the best way to deal with it, so i can pass along some ideas.

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    • scumbags are everywhere, all walks of life

      commish needs to drop the hammer on both.

    • I never play in private leagues, but I guess this is the kinda crap that can go on.

    • settings are important. any league that has a zero waiting period is ripe for this to happen. you'll often get managers who dump. but at least with a standard 2 day waiver period, no team can pick up all the stars.

    • We had the same problem a year ago, and the commish put the players back on their original teams and locked the 2 teams involved from further moves...after a lg. Vote, we threw them out and drafted their teams with the bottom team getting the 1st pic

    • in Private leagues: I know the commish or I don't invest a lot of time and/or effort. (actually, I don't even play if I don't know the commish personally)
      in Public leagues (no commish): Pay attention by calling up your team every other day (at least) to see what is going on. !Report it to Yahoo! In my experience Yahoo wouldn't 'change rosters' back - but they did 'freeze' the teams involved and did not allow the managers to make any more changes (at all) to their teams and starting lineups. (Yahoo will change the name of a team if/when they freeze it.) Keep everyone in the league informed (by posting on the league message board) about the fact the 'cheating' was reported to yahoo and what Yahoo replies back to you.

      General: It's best to check out the other managers BEFORE the draft occurs (whenever possible) - I've jumped out of leagues before drafts because I saw 'conflicts'/prior associations between other managers. I've been messed over before .... I pay a lot of attention to each league early in the season and I won't invest my time and effort if I believe BS is going to occur later in the season.

      Only play in 'free leagues' or you can really be exposed to bs. It's unbelievable how low some folks will stoop when 'money' is involved.

    • Review Drpo players, he could not have picked all of them up if there was a competing waiver claim

    • Well if the commish has any gutz, I would say freeze the team(s) involved unless he drops the players. If he does drop them, then the commish needs to post, that anyone who picks up those players will have their team frozen. Hopefully you have a commish with a backbone, if not cut everyone and encourage others to do so, jack it all up and then post how you feel. Play second to no one.


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