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  • Reggie Dunlop Reggie Dunlop Sep 4, 2008 11:26 PM Flag

    My commish cheated, your opinion?

    Ok iam happy Iam not the only person who feels this way. I have never had a cheating commish before, Yahoo should really give an option where you can complain about a commish and three strikes and they can't commish again or something.
    It really took all the fun away, especially cause now iam getting crap for speaking up since I am losing in the playoffs right now lol. He also had a new draft of two rounds like last week off any players off the 3 lowest teams. The order was set to be the order of placements, so I ended up having 2 back-to-back picks with this, A week passed before it ended and he switched the order of the draft on me because the position of placements changed and I got moved down in the draft. Doesn't a draft usually stick to the same order in all rounds lol? Crazyness, I hate cheating commish's.


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