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  • Prodigal the Impaler Prodigal the Impaler Sep 4, 2008 3:18 PM Flag

    Rocco Baldelli

    Okay so this post is more of a WTF post, not really a question, but I would like you guys to add some input..

    Now I'm a Baldelli fan despite his injuries the past couple of years and limited play, but I can't seem to understand why they are playing him so sparingly? I mean I know he has a muscle fatigue disorder and they probably want to monitor him after his starts but how are they ever going to know if he's 100% if they don't give him a shot at playing on a regular bases?

    We aren't talking about a 15th round draft pick here we are talking about a 1st round 6th overall pick, and why not play him over a Gabe Gross (terrible hitter)?

    I'm not really a Rays fan but I do have a lot of respect for Rocco after what he's endured for the past couple of season.. I do however respect the way the Rays have built their team up from nothing... I'm from Toronto and I love the Jays and the two teams are very similar (although the Jays underachieve) every year..

    I guess the only thing I can say is, I hope the Rays drop Rocco so the Jays can pick him up, I would be a very happy Jays fan and an even bigger Baldelli fan...

    Please share your views on this topic...

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    • theres no point to play him every day... its like a 99% chance there gonna make playoffs... and there gonna need him in there as much as possible in october.

    • in the words of the wicked witch of the west these things must be done delicately. it must be assumed that the rays have done their homework & have all their bases covered. it doesnt matter if rocco is a first or last round pick he is a professional player & human being , if you are asking if i would pick him up for the stretch run , in a word no. i thought about him myself but than again i dont know the extent of his disability or the size of his heart go with your gut feeling on this one,

    • Natural, you couldn't have said it better. I also happen to be a huge Jays fan, and also love Rocco (to the point where I did a presentation on him in high school).

      I don't really think he'd fit in with the Jays, though. The outfield is solid right now, with Rios, Wells (sometimes), Lind, Overbay and Inglett can play there, too, and Travis Snider moving up the ranks will be a solid hitter one day (though not for average).

      Maybe the Jays should give up on the home run ball and just trade Lind for Rocco. That'd make me happy.

      As for the Rays, Rocco should be in the lineup unless he feels he shouldn't be. He's just too good and has been through too much to watch as many games as he has lately.

    • i agree, well said, im not a Rays fan either (red sox) but it has been interesting watching them the last three years since new management took over and althouguh i do disagree with starting baldelli every day because should fatigue disorder is a big thing the players body and it could possibly end his career if they end up playing every day...i honestly think they should hold on to him for a year or two longer to see what he can do and monitor how well his shoulder does


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