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  • Shane W Shane W Sep 3, 2008 9:52 PM Flag

    Overloaded- who to drop?

    My offense is fairly set for the playoffs (though I'd love to add Dickerson. In a steals don't count H2H I have: Doumit, Fielder, Brandon Phillips, Braun, Jose Reyes, Sizemore, Quentin, McLouth, Chris Davis & Melvin Mora).

    But for pitching, I have:

    CC Sabathia
    Edison Volquez
    Jeremy Guthrie
    Franciso Liariano
    Paul Maholm
    Dave Bush

    and then:

    Joakim Soria
    Jonathan Broxton
    JJ Putz
    Salamon Torres

    But I also have Matt Capps and Joba Chamberlain off the DL. So what would you do? Dump Bush and Maholm and keep the 6 relievers?

    I'm very hesitant to drop any of the bullpen, because I'm sure the other playoff teams would pounce. Also, I don't have too much trust in Maholm and Bush. Which relievers would I drop? Putz is maybe the worst ERA, but he also gets wins. Broxton is inconsistent, but he gets chances.

    I have to do something, since I have 22 guys right now. Please help.

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