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  • Bravos Bravos Aug 19, 2008 10:43 PM Flag

    Campillo charged with 5 earned runs when he only gave up 4

    Can someone please explain to me how Jorge Campillo (Braves) was charged with 5 runs in Monday's game against the Giants? He had only given up 4 until the 7th inning and then this is what took place in the 7th:

    (Giants Batting)
    Sandoval Singled to center
    Burriss singled to left, Sandoval into 2nd
    Zito grounded into fielders choice, Sandoval out at 3rd, Burriss into 2nd

    Roberts walked, Burriss into 3rd, Zito into 2nd,

    **** Burriss scored on Brian McCann's throwing error.

    Ochoa grounds into fielders choice, Zito into 3rd, Roberts out at 2nd.

    Campillo was charged for a 5th run because of McCann's throwing error. I do not see how this is possible considering the rules (2) below:

    A run is counted as unearned when:

    1) A batter reaches base on an error, and later scores a run in that inning.

    2) A batter or runner advances one or more bases on an error and scores on a play that would otherwise not have provided the opportunity to score.

    3) A baserunner scores after the third out would have been made.

    Not only did he get charged 5 runs, but his ERA is calculated incorrectly. ERA should be calculated Runs divided by innings pitched times 9. So if Campillo pitched 6.2 innings and "supposedly" gave up 5 runs then this should be his ERA:

    5 / 6.2 X 9 = 7.26 (Yahoo has it as 6.75)

    His ERA should actually be (4 earned runs)

    4 / 6.2 X 9 = 5.81

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