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    Commish delimma - need advice

    Team A proposed a trade to Team B on Friday. It was J Ellsbury and J Danks for C Crawford and A Wainright. Team B accepted the trade late Sunday evening, most likely after seeing the injury news on Crawford. Both teams are in the hunt for the playoffs. Team A is leading the league and Team B is 7th and needs to get to 6th to make the playoffs.

    If you were commish, what would you do in this situation? Given the news, this trade is extremely one sided. On the other hand, I don't think the two teams were conspiring to cheat. I do wish that Team B manager would have declined the trade and accepted his fate fairly, but he did nothing against the rules.


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    • if he approved the trade AFTER the crawford injury and let the trade linger before that, you as commish, have the duty to veto it...simply in the name of fairness for your league.
      if he had approved the trade BEFORE the injury was made public it should be allowed to go through.

    • Trade has to stand, Crawford is out for the season but the trade was accepted by both teams. The fact stands that there is no insurance in trades, the team could have cancelled the trade before the other team accepted the deal so he had his chance. Since the deal was offered and accepted the deal needs to stand. By cancelling the trade the team that is getting Crawford gets an unfair advantage over the entire league.

    • trade stands- let it get vetoed by the leauge otherwise it stands. dont hit accept without looking into things- both players are on the DL right now anyway so it should have been a no brainer to begin with

    • Trade stands .... Trade should have been stopped by the managers involved if they wanted out... before it took place... I would not veto this trade.

      I actually offered Carlos Lee to a manger after he was hurt for Jose Reyes and he accepted the trade and his fate, he has since cut Lee but never whined or complained... It is up to the mangers to review the players involved before the trade is accepted.

    • There is a lot of info we don't know, like is this a keeper league or not? And, I'm not sure, but it seems from your info posted that Team A (who initiated the trade) is the team that offered Ellsbury/Danks for Crawford/Wainright. And Team B accepted the offer after the news of Crawford's injury was made known on Saturday. Based on that scenario, I would ask the Manager of team A (who is recieving Crawford) if s/he wants to void the trade, and then act accordingly.

      Now, A lot of people have made the argument that the trade should stand because Crawford could have been hurt at any time after the trade. The problem with that argument is that Crawford was (or appears to have been) hurt on Saturday before the trade was completed on Sunday, not after. A trade is buyer beware once the trade has been made, but if a player becomes injured before the trade, then you can no longer assume that Team A making the offer still wants to make the trade. Since the Team B Manager trading Crawford likely knew that Crawford was hurt, that gives that manager trading Crawford an advantage because this trade was offered when Crawford was healthy, and accepted after Crawford was hurt. The Voting argument (about What if Crawford got hurt on day 2 of the voting to pass the trade) is flawed, it overlooks the fact that (in the proposed scenario) the first manager offered the trade and the second agreed to the trade while Crawford was healthy - and in this case the trade was offered while Crawford was healthy, but accepted after he was hurt. That appears to be a trade in bad faith on the part of Team B manager.

      So this trade really becomes a 2 for on1 deal, especially if Crawford is out for the rest of the regular (and thus fantasy) season. SO the deal really now becomes Ellsbury and Danks for Wainright - which to me seems one sided. The Manager of Team B probably realized this at the time s/he accpeted the trade. Hence the bad faith.
      The question still remains, is the Manager of Team A still happy with this deal? Give the Manager of Team A the opportunity to act on the trade with the same information (Crawford Hurt) that Team B Manager had when s/he accepted the deal. Act on Team A manager's decision (keep trade or overturn) and then, no one can complain about the trade, or having the trade overturned.

    • YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. Stop the transaction it should by no means HAPPEN!!!!!! VETO!

    • A trade is a trade. Would you have having any concerns if Crawford got hurt a week after the trade was made. No. It sucks for Team A but that was the trade he purposed and injuries are a very real part of influencing the results in sports and in fantasy leagues.

    • Trade should stand. It's a slippery slope if you start judging the "quality" of trades independent of the managers. The trade was left open and team B took advantage.

    • gotta let it stand!

    • No Veto's! i hate them for this reason, the managers should deal with it. the team that accepted the offer just 1 up's the team that offered it. give the manager his props and move on

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