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  • Nick Nick Aug 2, 2008 12:20 PM Flag

    How Good Is My Team?

    I'd say the people you play with are complete morons.......how could you end up with a team like that in a 12 team league? They obviously don't know how to draft

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    • I understand your comments, but most of the team was build around active trades, waiver wire and free agent pickups. You might say that they made dumb moves there, but I have been making many moves by selling high and buying low like the stock market, that have panned out very well. For example:

      Trades: I got Ortiz, Kinsler, ARod, Tejada, Soriano, Lee, Harden, Nathan, Wilson and Capps

      FA: I got Doumit, Davis, Jimenez, Carpenter, Baker, Kershaw and Huges

      Waiver: I got Victorino

      The only guys I actually drafted: Holliday, Sizemore, Atkins, Lincecum, Hernandez, Lidge.

      I did draft pretty well and then utilized those players to continue to gradually upgrade my main positions. I also picked up several other key FA and waiver claims that built up to the players I have now. Some of the trades I made may have favored me to a small degree, but were not blatently lopsided. I probably have made at least a dozen trades over the season so far.

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      • that is an interesting strategy BUT if I had a player like Soriano I would not have traded him and morneau for hafner & Francour! Even is soriano was out for 2 months or longer! I would have kept him on my DL and picked up FA OFs that were on fire at that time and use it as a spot position for hot players until Soriano came back. The Arod deal seems more fair and I might have done that. I have Chipper Jones on my team and I would not trade him even if the playoffs are coming up in 3 or 4 weeks and he is out for more than half of them! He is too valuable to trade unless I am getting AROD or Wright as part of the deal! But good for you! people in your league are not smart!

      • One key strategy that I use every year is to try and take advantage of injuries at the time they happen where it looks like the player will be able to make a full comeback and help me late in the year. You will see this in the list of players that I traded for above.

        For example, I picked up Soriano when he first went on the DL the first time in addition to Morneau, for Hafner before he went in a tailspin and got hurt and Francour when he was on fire early in the year. Soriano had been slumping prior to the injury and with the injury, the other guy looked at him as more of a throw in.

        I then packaged Morneau with Zambrano (who I drafted) for ARod, while he was on the DL. ARod had also been slumping a bit prior to his injury, which decreased his value in that owners eyes. He was getting a very good hitter and pitcher in return.

        I trade for Ortiz right when he first broke his wrist for B. Roberts, Byrnes and Kotchman. I had gotten Roberts for J. Upton when he was on fire early in the year. Byrnes was traded before going on the DL and Kotchman was at his high point on the season.

        I grabbed Kinsler before he really took off in return for D. Young and J. Votto. The guy I traded with had three decent 2B and was in desperate need for decent OFs.

    • Yeah, or he's a complete liar.

      A lot of these B.S. posts are around here. It may be your line-up, but:

      a) you're not in 12h league; 10h @ most, probably 8h!
      b) a couple of your spots are added with your 'wishlist' player.


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