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  • Stephanie Stephanie Jul 21, 2008 9:04 AM Flag

    Any ideas on what to do with this cheating jerk commish....

    This is my first time playing and he has locked me from making moves since im in first place. Is there anything i can do? His email is Anthony.James02@yahoo.com. I have emailed him saying he is cheating and all he does is call me names. He asked me for my phone number and address and said he would come kick my azz if i didnt stop emailing him. Must be a real winner to want to come and kick a girls azz. I asked him for his phone number and he actually gave it to me....240-765-4162. Any ideas on how to get this guy back for cheating?

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    • If hes commish its a private league, Your in 1st place and I know it sucks but with 6 weeks left in regular season you should be able to hold on at least till playoffs, Wheres the rest of the league in this get them involved. Worst comes to worst put his name and phone # all over the internet saying hes giving away a car to the person who calls with the best reason for needing one, I guarantee he will get calls 24/7. Yahoo will not get involved

    • If this is a private league, there isn't anything you can do. Yahoo doesn't get involved in matters concerning private leagues. If it is a public league, you can contact yahoo using the "help" feature in your league (it's kind of tricky to navigate, but it can be done).

      Good luck!!

    • Report him to Yahoo!!!
      If he keeps it up they won't let him play ever again.


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