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  • there is a guy in my league who is a complete idiot and got pissed off at me for offering him "bad trades" so in an apparent act to get back at me he tried to trade braun, hamilton, kazmir, m. cabrera, morneau and mauer to the first place guy for johjima, reynolds, kemp, c.young and campillo. thankfully that trade was vetoed but then they tried braun, kazmir and hamilton for granderson, cliff lee and renyolds and the trades didn't get vetoed this time. i've assumed they are friends and they are trying to stack the other guys team, and i put all the players in the trade back on their respective teams, effectively undoing the trade. normally i never mess with the commissioner stuff to change other teams but i felt in fairness to the league it needed to be done. did i make the right call or would most people see this as crossing the line?

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    • Why did you bother asking?

      The answer was pretty much unanimous, that you crossed the line (in addition to being a hypocrite), but you continue to defend yourself and look for support.

      If you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question.

    • You did the right thing, this was obviously a lop sided deal. No manager in their right mind would give away their top talent for a handful of C-level players. I would have sent out a message via e-mail or post to let all the players in the league to be aware of the trade and respond. I would have based my veto on the response.

    • I see the reasoning behind what you did, but if it passed the league vote, you didn't have the right to nullify the trade. The rest of your league is paying attention since they vetoed the first trade, and it passed the second time around. You said that you offered bad trades, yet are upset that he did the same. This is the kind of thing that people get mad at and quit leagues over. You abused your power as commissioner.

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      • why the hell does everyone say since the league vetoed the first one but didn't veto the second, it should stand. i've said 5 times that the league only has 2 or 3 DAILY active managers, thats including me. the trade veto period is only 1 day, so 4 people have to vote against the trade in one day, it has nothing to do with them thinking it was fair, because those are still aweful trades and anyone would agree. and as for me offering bad trades, bad trade offers are a part of any sport.. you simply reject them and move on. its COMPLETELY different to offer someone YOUR BEST players for the their WORST players. that has cheat written all over it as it defies all logic. think about it.. i offer someone a-rod for carlos ruiz, which they would obviously accept and laugh at my stupidity..would you not be pissed off at me if i was doing that kind of trading, especially to the first place team? i think so.

    • You guys have way too much time on your hands, who really cares about this?

    • and no the league has to vote on it, i didn't like the idea that only i could veto a trade and no one else had any say so i picked league vote. just goes to show im seriously not a "cheating" commish.

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      • HOW DO YOU KNOW they are cheating.I don't understand this at all BUD.These guys had a 1st trade VETOED by the league.They tried for a second trade,and your league didn't VETO it.Seems to me that opinions of yor GMs deemed the 2nd trade fair.Your league DID NOT VETO.You my friend,must have been VERY envious of a particular player,invovled in that trade.You wanted that player and didn't get him.So now you can't stand the fact,that this particular player in question,went to a rival team.You used your COMMISH status in an ABUSIVE,CHEATING manner.You "TINKERED" with players on TWO opposing teams.You cry about foul play between two GMs,while YOU yourself,have commited a GREATER FOUL yourself,rendering yourself to be a CHEATING COMMISH...Come on now,let us not be in DENIAL.It's okay!!!!!!!

    • well thats an interesting tactic for playing.. its a h2h league, but i know for a fact that he is just offering bad trades to spite me, the other guy involved told me he doesn't know the guy and the trade was proposed to him so he just accepted it and why wouldn't he. its not so much that its a horrible trade that pisses me off, if it were a legit trade i would let it go and just be like wtf? but the fact i know its out of spite makes it unacceptable to me.

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      • This is obviously a public league, avoid them cause this ALWAYS HAPPENS! Its unfortunate, sounds like your a serious commish..

        Problem is, yah, you were wrong. Where you were wrong is that in a public league you absolutely MUST put trade veto control in the power of the commish. Chances the guy running the league being crooked are less than any ONE of its public members. Just food for thought.

    • since u r commish, dont u have the power to veto the trade?

    • Ok bro, weither the trade was fair or unfair, you shouldn't have messed with the trade. It happened for a reason. Now what you have done is pissed 2 guys off that will now if not already pair up together. What you did was uncalled for. Maybe they worked something out to where they trade the players for a couple days and trade them back. You shoudld't have done what you did. What you could have done is wait till someone posts a message saying that it's unfair and them instead of doing what you did, email and do a leauge vote. Seeing how you said that a few people are on all the time and others are on occasionally. I'm in a league with 10 teams. I'm in 1st and I have made 22 moves. This is what on guy posted about trades: TRADES: "These are getting out of hand. Bo you should have put a transaction cap on this thing". I responded with, "If this was a Rotisserie or a Points Only league then yes you wouldn't see this much trading. But since you are playing one team at a time each week, that week and players are up for grabs. It's not only who you have, it who you aren't playing against each week. I've played in so many leagues and in so many different league types. Trades make a difference in this type of league". We trade for the week and trade back. I don't know what kind of league you have, but just drop your arguement and go back to your league and either redue things before you changed them or appoligize to the league and make things right!!!

    • i don't see how im "speculating" its quite obvious what is going on. as for my trade, i don't see how its worse, but regardless theres nothing wrong with offering a "bad" trade.. offering bad trades and doing bad trades to improve ANOTHER persons team are completely different. hes not trading for the sake of trying to win, hes trading for the sake of making someone else win and thats not right.

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