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  • BIG T BIG T Jun 19, 2008 2:12 PM Flag

    Who wins this trade?!?!?

    Who do you think wins this trade???

    I GET
    Justin Morneau
    Ian Kinsler
    Carl Crawford

    I GIVE
    Ryan Howard
    Dan Uggla
    Grady Sizemore

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    • i would say you shouldn't (or shouldn't have, if already done). howard has shown flashes of what he can do, and will hit his stride soon. uggla will be up and down, and sizemore will be sizemore.
      morneau doesn't have a very good offense around him, but will be productive *not as productive as howard). kinsler will slow and be up and down. do you want SB"s and Runs (kinsler), or RBI's & HR's (uggla)? crawford hasn't shown an ability to get anything going yet, but he will.
      if you need SB's it might not turn out to be a bad trade. but if you lose to much power (howard/uggla/sizemore), that isn't good either.

    • rather have your side...howard is on a tear, grady is getting hotter, and uggla is the second best power second baseman.

    • you lose, morneau is getting hott.
      crawford just went through his hott stage
      kinsler is going to cool down.

      uggla and howard and sizemore are superstars
      where as morneau was a superstar 2 3 years ago
      i just cant see giving up
      howard for morneau,
      uggla for kinsler
      crawford for sizemore is a good trade
      but the other two players just dont make sense


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