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  • JOE JOE Jun 16, 2008 2:43 PM Flag

    Keeper Team.. HELP ME OUT!!

    What Can I do...8 Team Keeper League. I have dropped from 1st to 4th over the last month. Give me some advice.

    2B-Kendrick/Kelly Johnson/Iwamura/De Rosa
    SS-Carlos Guillen
    UTIL-Vladimir Guerrero

    BN-Jeff Francoeur
    DL-Ryan Zimmerman

    SP-Kazmir, Marcum, McGowan, Verlander, Volquez, Kershaw, Myers, Litsch, Bedard, Wandy Rodriguez, and Randy Wolf


    RP-Soria, Fuentes, Todd Jones, Brian Wilson

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    • trading anyone isnt gonna help you this is my first year thers probably 1 out of 50 chances a trade is gonna get accepted

      u cant do nothing with Vladdy unless ur willing to giv him a discount u gotta get rid of Francour thers too many good players in the FA like Winn or someone but stop being loyal to your players

      and get rid of Myers and get a good RP with alot of Ks and a low ERA that should help u believe me im in a 2 deep Roto leagues and i really didnt know wat the minimum standards but i loaded my teams with RPs and im way ahead in ERA and WHIP

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      • Well firstly consider yourself lucky you haven't traded for weeks, martinez and sheffield giving up shields, kouz, woods, marcum and todd jones, as well as drafting tulowiski and zimmerman like I have, in my 1st year keeper.

        In all seriousness I you'll do ok this year, but your right to be concerned about the future. You have some good veterans but not many rising stars, especially in your bats. The most important thing is to access if you think you are winning now, or not. If so, use Kershaw as trade bait, if not, unload the likes of Berkman, Guerrero and Ordonez. I'd try and improve your middle infielders, as they are scarce positions and if your set there its should be good for the future, OF have more depth.

        Its also very dependant on how many keepers your league has. If its a less than 8, you might want to package players to upgrade your keeper options, if its like 14, finding prospects is more important.

    • first, relax. you have a pretty solid team.

      second, identify which guys are your 8 keepers. seriously, as of today, who do you keep.

      third, identify what category you are hurting in. is this temporary or structural. for example, i expect guys like vlad and kendrick to start assisting in batting average, so if that is your problem area, don't sweat it. if your problem is steals, then maybe you need to pull a deal off.

      fourth, i'd be thinking moving vlad for a serious steals threat. can you trade him straight up for ellsbury? give you a young 50 steal guy instead of an aging slugger. Vlad has name recognition that might get you more than what his stats are currently worth. I'd have him targeted as my top trade bait to attract what piece I actually do need on my team.

      fifth, I agree with guy who said you have too many poor 2Bs. research what guys might be top notch and add a few of them for bench positions. adam jones....chase headley. those types of guys. maybe you keep them. maybe you don't. but your trade value is higher having them than having guys like derosa.

      sixth, in the absence of good keeper prospects, i'd take fliers on guys like mike gonzelez or taylor buchholtz that might inherit a closer job. this could give you even more trading material in a few weeks.

    • you need a good second baseman... but u shouldnt keep four just cuz one isnt really good... also in an 8 team league, u shouldnt have kershaw or myers on your rotation... they both suck and there must b someone better out there

    • trade berkman for some good younger players, berkman is good now but might not be good for a while and will also give you very good value that may help you know as well as later


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