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  • Chris Melvin Chris Melvin May 15, 2008 3:08 PM Flag

    Can I Let This Trade Go Through?

    Well, as a commissioner, I have never vetoed a trade that two players have come to agreement on. However, there has recently been an accepted trade that's waiting for my approval.

    In talking to the players, I know that nothing fishy is going on - it is simply a trade that both players agree will improve their teams.

    Well, here it is:

    The team currently in 12th place (last) is giving up:
    -Nick Markakis
    -Aaron Harang
    -Billy Wagner
    -Ryan Theriot

    The team currently in 7th place is giving up:
    -Joe Mauer
    -Alex Gordon
    -Brad Hawpe
    -Jered Weaver

    Well, what do you think? Should I let this through?

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    • If you don't think there is anything fishy going on then let it through...and besides its not that lopsided the Players the 12th place team are trading are playing at their best right now, and is obviously trading for players he hopes rebounds strong and can give his team a boost.

    • First, I have a lot of experience as a commish. In our league, we all know each other personally, so there is no risk of collusion to throw the league in any way. I am assuming this is what you mean by you have talked to both players. At this point, you have to let the trade go through. Almost always somebody wins and somebody loses a trade. It is not the commish's job to save somebody from themselves or referee the league so that only trades he likes goes through. Your job is merely to facilitate the action and ensure some dumb SH&T does not happen that destroys a fair competition. If you trust your guys, then you gotta let em coach. That includes trading. On the bright side, at least you have two coaches that are willing to go for it and are playing hard. or at least playing.

      Interjecting yourself here will cause some hard feelings and will really set a bad precedent for future trades. Best to be hands off. Our league we go by coach veto...1/3 of league vetos, then the trade is gone. This keeps the commish off the hot seat.

      Second, I do not think that the trade is so unbalanced that I would veto if I were either a commish or a coach with a voting right. I would have a preference for the markakis/harang/wagner trifecta. But let's call it what it is. Markakis has had one really good season and he is really only about 4th round draft pick. I see hawpe as an excellent buy-low candidate and he has just as much track record as markakis. I prefer markakis, but i'd take hawpe as my substitute. If you have a lot of closer depth, losing wagner does not hurt that much. I remember him breaking down last year, too. Trading him now, high, is not a bad idea. harang is very good. But Weaver is very talented and is on one of the top teams in baseball. I think we'll see more outings like last night in his future. Gordon is a stud and should be 20/20 this season at 3B. Mauer is a top 5 SS going into the year. Does the other guy have a surplus of OF's and closers, but desperately need a 3B and a C? if so, then i can see why he did the deal here. Depends on the rest of his team strengths and weaknesses. theriot is a mediocre fantasy player and i do not put a lot of weight on him.

      I hope this helped. And thanks for commishing! If it were not for people like you, then the fantasy world would be a lot poorer. Good luck

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      • This entire post was extremely helpful. I'm probably going to let the trade through. Last year the person getting Harang, Wagner, and Markakis was the commish of our league. However, he vetoed 2 trades I tried to make because he felt I would be getting too good. I try to tell myself that this isn't effecting my decision, but it probably is. Also, the more I look at this trade, the less lopsided it appears.

        We don't do the league vote thing because lots of trades go down and we like them to be passed quickly. This is the downside to that though.

        Thanks again :)

      • don't veto it.

    • Let it go through....pretty even trade.

    • I think you should let it go though if they both agree on it then it should happen

    • It's a one sided trade but it's not veto-able, IMO. I think the veto should only be for the firesale type deals that are shady or unbalancing. Talent is going both ways in this deal, wouldn't veto.

    • Well if you know there's nothing fishy going on - you have to let the trade go through. I can see why you're hesitant but the managers making the mistake have to learn on their own so they don't end up making stupid trades later in their "fantasy careers" lol.


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