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  • CarlosS CarlosS May 13, 2008 9:42 AM Flag

    Experts help me...please!!!

    Please take a look at my line up and tell me what's wrong with my team I'm in last place in a 8 team head to head league and I can't seem to get a win after week one, here is my line up:

    C: V. Martinez
    1B: Conor Jackson, Texeira
    2B: Brandon Phillips, Chone Figgins
    3B: Miguel Cabrera
    SS: Michael Young, Christian Guzman
    OF: Magglio, Nady, Kemp, Hart.
    SP: Ervin Santana, Burnett, Bedard, Kazmir, Scherzer, Billingsley, Sheets, Carlos Zambrano.
    RP: Betancourt, Francisco Cordero, Wagner.

    Please tell me where do I need the most help and what do you recomend I do. All responses will truly be appreciated.

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    • I'd say you need a few saves but the real problem is just underachieving players. I only see Burnett that I probably would consider replacing and would stick with your other players across the board as of right now.

    • your OF needs obvious help try trading Figgins or Phillips for a better OF.

    • You've got a solid team, but you need one more stud on offense. You should use your depth to get stronger at first, second, or short. You've got enough depth to package some players for D lee, H ramirez, or maybe even utley, maybe. Your outfield is the weakest. I would try to add players with power speed and average, they're not always the sexy names either. Maybe beltran or soriano could be had they're both getting hot. Good luck!

    • your team is quite good, amazing if it were a ten team league...
      The only place you could use a little help is RP, Cordero and Bettincourt are not doing much for you, and not that valuable right now... You probably have one or two extra starters, but your starters all have value. Try to trade an bedard for a lidge, or a kazmir for a shirill if you are loosing saves each week, and will all year! Otherwise your team is good, you could use another stolen base threat. Your team is just cold, be patient, they will heat up, its a long season.


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