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  • Hybrid17 Hybrid17 May 8, 2008 2:16 PM Flag

    Looking for relacement managers for a keepr league

    Im looking for 2 replacement managers for a ESPN keeper league. Its a H2H 12 team league. The two teams up for grabs are the Seattle Mariners (2nd place in AL divsion) and the Toronto Blue Jays (4th place in AL divsion). You can change the team name if you choose to but it has to be a real AL team name.

    This is the Mariners roster-

    C R. Hernandez
    1B A Pujols
    2B C Utley
    3B C. Jones
    SS M. Tejada
    2B/SS I. Kinsler
    1B/3B L. Berkman
    OF V. Guerrero
    OF M. Ramirez
    OF J. Bay
    DH S. Duncan
    Util T. Helton
    Bench A. Gordon
    Bench R. Ibanez
    Bench C. Kotchman
    Bench J. Varitek

    P B. Lyon
    P H. Bailey
    P J. Benoit
    SP I. Snell
    SP T. Gorzelanny
    SP S. Marcum
    RP R. Soriano
    RP J. Isringhausen
    RP B. Howry

    Very powerful lineup but not so great pitching and not much speed. I know alot of you will want this team.

    Now heres the Blue Jays roster-

    C B. Molina
    1B J. Morneau
    2B B. Phillips
    3B A. Beltre
    SS H. Ramirez
    2B/SS R. Furcal
    1B/3B D. Lee
    OF I. Suzuki
    OF J. Dye
    OF A. Jones
    DH F. Thomas
    Util A. Rowand
    Bench J. Lugo
    Bench K. Johnson
    Bench T. Wigginton
    Bench R. Winn

    P J. Guthrie
    P U. Jimenez
    P K. Slowey
    SP C. Hamels
    SP B. Myers
    RP A. Burnett
    RP T. Saito
    RP D. Riske
    RP E. Guardado

    A good combo of speed and power but again poor pitching.

    If your interested in one of the two team just email me at DLRSCJR@yahoo.com with the team you want but I only want active managers who will compete til the end and are ein it for the long haul.

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