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  • Slappytheclown Slappytheclown May 7, 2008 10:44 AM Flag

    Suggestions for my struggling team needed

    some bad luck, here's my advice.

    Kendall needs to be moved, who is a good 'c' on the waiver? Ianetta is everyone's popular choice, but Ruiz is a sleeper too.

    Hudson is not a top player, if there are better 2b available pick them up. Rest of the O is ok, you are light in HR but maybe trading Ichiro later in year will help you pick up a slugger as you should have some good sb by then. Pitching is ok, but Galaragga is not going to be around long, I prefer Duscherer from Oakland, and you need another closer, a solid one. Maybe Longoria brings you something or, more risky, you trade wright for a top 8 closer and a good solid top 6 C, a two for one deal, Not my favorite, but your team has holes.


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