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  • Huh! Huh! Apr 29, 2008 10:09 AM Flag

    Was this trade legal/fair?

    The Comish in my league just traded:
    E. Renteria (SS)
    Cliff Lee (SP)

    I don't even think it was pending for more than one day before it went through! does the commissioner have the power to push his own trades through that fast before people have the chance to veto it?

    This is a private league...12 team H2H


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    • The trade is fair for sure, legal???? well you didn't really give enough info.
      If the commish was getting lee, i would be suspicious only if lee pitched the day after the trade went through, and then i would only be concerned if i were playing against him/her that week head to head.
      You have to trust your commish, if you don't you need a new league. I am a new commish, so i have no idea how or why he would have done such a thing, but i have heard worse stories, and NO, i do not have any openings in my league.
      Good Luck.

    • The trade seems fair. If there is a std veo period and th commish waived it for his own trade, that is unfair. He should have ot wait just like everyone else.

    • I think it depends on the league setting that the commish choose. You can select the number of days the trade is up for review or if you want the Commish to approve the trade or you can have both options. I don't think the trade was unfair, so i wouldn't sweat it, but you should clear up with your commish what the trade rules are.

    • First of all why on earth would you veto it? The trade tilts toward Renteria but it's not outrageous and certainly shouldn't be vetoed. Secondly the trade has to be in a pending status based on the league settings. The commiss can't "push it thru" without changing the settings.

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      • I wasn't going to veto the trade!

        There are people complaining about it and i was just wondering if he could make the trade go through faster for himself. I didn't even know they had a trade pending cause it went through so fast. I guess he changed the setting just for his trade!


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