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  • Josh Josh Apr 25, 2008 2:15 PM Flag

    How am I in last place!!!! LOOK

    who are you? Brad Evans? Giving him drafting advice now is a little too late. He needs to fish the waivers. Watch who is hot and who is not. Bench people who aren't hot and if they suck for long enough drop them.

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    • dude, this is the time that his bad draft decisions are coming home to roost and the time to learn from his drafting mistakes. if you couldnt read all the way through you would see the current advice which is trade wagner or paco for SP and hang tight on his very good 0ffense

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      • your reply is so stupid, so please, shut the hell up. lol a that "scientific method" you used to provide us with an astute analysis of the guy's pitching staff. really, great work.

        honestly, your staff is fine. lincecum, verlander, bedard is good enough to get you 45 wins and 550+ K's. those are top tier guys and verlander is underperforming while bedard has been injured for a significant amount of time.

        it's like my team, i've got ryan howard and he's dragging me down, but he's a great player so i'll wait it out. the season is still VERY young and you'll bounce back soon.

      • its an 8 man league....there isn't going to be a high demand on saves. Trading usually loses value especially if you are trying to sell him. He needs to figure out some good starters on the waivers or not put his starters against good offenses.


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