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  • cornelius cornelius Apr 25, 2008 12:58 PM Flag

    How am I in last place!!!! LOOK

    dude, your SP sucks. heres a way to evaluate it. i took your best 4 SP's and looked up thier rating among SP's according to eric karabell's top 60 pitching list. if you take each's SP rating # and compare yours to other teams, yours sucks. your 1-5 are rated (10verlander, 19lincicum, 39penny, 57 bannister, 59owings). if you add together your #1-4 it equals 127 and your 1-5=184. these suck.
    in my 12 team 5x5 i have the most pitching points and my 1-4=111 and 1-5=154. the guy right behind me in pitching has a 1-4 of 108 and a 1-5 of 159. this is somewhat unscientific, but you can see that you are WAY behind both of us. if you do this in your league, you will get a good but rough idea of how good your sp stacks up but it doesnt look good, especially with verlander's ratings in free-fall.

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    • are you retarded? that is clearly a preseason ranking. look at lincecum's stats this year. pretty sure he isnt the 19th best in the game. more like 4 or 5th. and most of your team is slumping so i would wait a while and see if your offense starts gettin it together

    • Dude your SP doesn't suck. It's along season and the warmth hasn't even come yet. Verlander - 15 wins easily. Bannister- 10 - 15. Penny 15 - 20. This freak Whitey has no idea what he's talking. AROD is hurt and Ortiz has been in a slump, but coming around. Dont trade any of your guys until maybe june or july. Then you'll really know how these guys are going to do in the season. By the way. Do you have anyone else in your league? Your team is FREAKING STACKED


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