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  • BH BH Apr 13, 2008 9:28 PM Flag


    I gave up:
    Johnny Cueto (CIN - SP)
    Derek Lowe (LAD - SP)
    Troy Percival (TB - RP)


    Chris Young (SD - SP)
    Huston Street (OAK - RP)

    Who got the better side of the deal? Why?

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    • You can believe two sides on this trade. One buys in to the whole hype and will say you got owned because you just traded a '99 Pedro Martinez. Maybe you did, but probably you didn't. Hyped pitchers are usually regularly performing in their 3rd major league year, not first. Yes, there are exceptions. But you know what? You made a smart trade, selling high for known commodities and you gained yourself a roster spot as well to pick up someone like Wandy Rodriguez.

    • That guy is loving his life right now.

    • You got shafted...haha, why trade Cueto now? He has one bad start and you go out and trade him?

      Next time, when you have a hot player, wait till he goes out and has a dominant start, then go get a slumping hitter/pitcher that is obviously going to rebound.

    • good trade. if street can stay healthy you're laughing. regardless big trade up in starters, you sold high on cueto for someone much more reliable. young is off to a slow start but im sure he'll get things under control and have his ERA well under 3.5 by seasons end. everyone seems to think cueto is gonna be the second starter taken next year after santana. baseball is so funny like that, every year this happens. all of a sudden mark reynolds is a top 3 3rd baseman, and 22 year olds like cueto are a lock for the cy young award. cueto has now set the bar so high with his first amazing start that theres almost no possible way the rookie can do even remotely that well all season. i don't doubt that he will one day be an elite starter one day, but this year he will not even come close to doing what young will.

    • You basically traded away two starters- one who is a top prospect, and one who is a solid 2 or 3, for an injury-risk in Chris Young? Not too smart.

      Percival and Street are essentially a wash, as closers are always risky and neither one has a great track record of staying on the field, so they don't even matter.

      You need to realize that making trades is not about "winning the trade" or getting the better end of the deal. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with getting more in return than you give up, but essentially a trade should let both parties improve where they need to.

      But it looks like you got the short end here. You gave up basically 150k's and 10-12 wins, and didn't really gain anything except an open roster spot. No more saves, no offense.

    • You made out. Young is a SOLID player and Johnny is really good but his young arm is going to die after the allstar break. I have Johnny too and I plan to trade him around the allstar break.

    • I can do you one better. I just traded Cueto and Alex Gordon for Verlander and Sabathia. Can you say "PANIC MOVE". Ha-ha-ha.

    • good trade and go mizz

    • You won, dont listen to them. Percival isnt as good as street, nowhere near. Cueto won't end up better than Chris Young, the idiots on this board dont know how to extrapolate 1 start into an entire season.

    • ill take CY in petco over cueto in small park any day. pretty even trade, though id rather be in your position.

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