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  • Jim Jim Apr 4, 2008 11:41 AM Flag

    How to play :(

    My poor rookie friend. To answer your question, no you don't have to. This is a stratigy called streaming incase you see the word in fantasy articles. Now, if you are asking a question like this, I have one piece of advice for you. Go by a fantasy baseball magazine. Most have a several pages of advice for first time players, although some of the player news is outdated as it was printed months ago, but it's a good reference to have to help you learn the players. This isn't a knock on you, and will actually help you. You just jumped into the pool just to see if you can swim........remember, keep paddling.
    One last thing newguy, before you drop or trade someone off your team, check out what he's done in the past and do some research on him so you don't accidentally drop a Mark Texiera cause he's having a bad April, or trade him for a no name rookie that's hitting .400 in april and everyone else knows but you will suck the rest of the year. Good Luck


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