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  • pepper pepper Apr 1, 2008 10:15 AM Flag

    Frustrated Owners

    1. Relax. It is just a game. This too will pass.

    2. Temporarily block both the offending teams from all activity. If there is collusion, then this stops it. It also stops them from cutting all players, too.

    3. Email them privately, explain that the behavior is not acceptable, and politely ask them to get with the program.

    4. Delete all abusive messages. Post a commissioner message that asks people to play nice and keep it clean.

    5. If you hear back from a manager and they apologize, then unblock them. Otherwise, leave them blocked. Better to be down to ten owners that are playing and a couple of ghost teams than the silliness you describe continue. MOST yahoo public leagues have people abandon teams anyway. If you have to block a few guys, then so be it. Not the end of the world.

    6. One time, fill their lineup appropriately and then leave it alone for rest of the season. or you could bench everyone. either way, tell the rest of the league what you are doing and why. then leave it alone. if you change your mind, it will look like you are trying to gain an advantage.

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