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  • Tuna Tuna Mar 25, 2008 11:01 AM Flag

    Trade Advice for a Commish

    Mark Texeira and Brian Roberts... for ...Pudge Rodriguez and Dustin Pedroia... your thoughts?

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    • if you are getting Texieera and roberts do it but if not forgetabuotit

    • Vetoes are ONLY for stopping cheating and collusion. If it's a case of one smart manager taking advantage of one dumb manager, tough. Congratulations to the smart one and derisive laughter to the dumb one.

      Maybe the guy getting Pudge and Pedroia likes Detroit and Boston. Maybe the guy knows Pudge is hitting lead-off against lefties until Granderson is back (minimum 2 weeks), and therefore will score practically even time he is on base with that monster lineup behind him. Maybe he sees Pedroia racking up runs with Youks, Ortiz, and Manny behind him. Maybe he's got some inside information that indicates Pedrois will steal 50 bases this year.

      Yes, based on last year's rankings it's one-sided. But this year hasn't even begun yet, and you can't read the individual managers' minds. Nor can you babysit them. Let the trade go through. If it makes one team totally stacked, all that says is that the manager of that team has done a good job drafting and a good job trading.

    • If I'm in this league and you let this trade go thru...I'd be pissed and would come back. If the owner was that intersested in Pudge and Pedrioa over Tex and Roberts why didnt he draft them that way. I'm sure Pudge and Pedrioa were still on the board after the 3rd round. Which is where Tex and Roberts were probably drafted. Smells like collusion to me. It would be a whole different story if we were a month or so into the season.

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      • why even have a draft why not just assign players ? if your going to step in everytime you think it is one sided ... you not a baby sitter you a commish ... if you think they are working together , and have some sort of proof veto away , bu tyou sound like you just think it is one sided ? maybe the guy who is getting pudge thinks he is getting a deal ? like i said why not offer him something better ? if you think he could get more prove it ?

    • heres a thought if he is willing to part with such good played so cheap why isn't someone else offering him something better ?

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      • Shane and Rev Jim are absolutely correct. You cannot police stupidity, only cheating. If there are numerous one sided trades between these two teams, you have to look at collusion, but if this is a stand alone deal, you have to let it go and put up a red flag next to it. What if Tex or Roberts gets hurt or tanks? Then you have a ticked off owner that may not come back because you vetoed his trade. Perception of value is up to the people involved. Last year at this time if I proposed a trade of BJ Ryan for Ryan Braun, would you have let it go, or vetoed it? We know how that turned out....and yes, I pulled off that trade in a league last year.

    • this isn't about wether is is a totally equal trade .. i think it close enough not to veto .. it obvious on guy is an old school guy and probaly see's pudges worth as more than it is . .. but unless you think this is 2 teams working to gether and not just one really dumb manager i don't think it should be vetoed ... people veto thing way to much because of thier perception .. the veto it to stop cheating not protect stupid managers

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      • There isn't any cheating going on, I just think it's really unbalanced. And yes, one person is putting a lot of value in Pudge. Fine. But, Pedroia is no where near the player Roberts is. They're run and rbi totals may be similar by the end of the near but Pedroia isn't swiping 50 bags and Roberts probably will, again. And Texeira is going to hit 40 homers and drive in 120 this year... Pudge will probably play 130 games, hit .275, maybe 12 homers, score 50 runs and drive in 75 at most. I think the trade is really one sided.

    • nothing at all fair about that

    • still close enough in value not to veto


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