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  • Jim Jim Mar 24, 2008 4:00 PM Flag


    That's just it.....Last year. Many of the Lowell haters remember him from the pre-Miguel Cabrera days, when he was the man in Florida. Then slowly but surely his numbers declined and he was shipped to boston. He's turned things around there average wise last year, but a 34 year old with a lifetime .280 average isn't the best option in a mixed league. Granted, if you have no other options he's not a bad player to have, but something you would want to improve on. Like I said, research the players you have, look back on their career numbers, keep their age in mind, what did they do as a rookie. Not sure where to look up rookie numbers, go to http://www.sports-wired.com/ and type in any players name. It's not like we're saying to drop Lowell or that he sucks, we just think you can do better.

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